Aaron's Spells

Here are some spells for review.

Flawless Facsimile of the Distant Sentry
MuIm 25 (In)
R:Sight (+3) D: Sun (+2) T:Ind
Allows the caster to don a flawless illusionary disguise of a person seen. The intelligo requisite removes the need for a finnesse roll for the quality of the copy.
(Base 4, +3, +2)

See Thy Enemy as Thyself
MuIm 25
R:Touch D:Sun Target: Group
The caster swaps appearances between any members of a group whom he touches.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group)

That should add a magnitude to the level of the spell, I think.

That aside, it's a fine pair of spells. :stuck_out_tongue:


Please consider adding them to the spells wiki (link in sig). :slight_smile:


"Flawless Facsimile of the Distant Sentry" may require T: Group, as well. Consider that for the combined effect outlined, there are two seperate targets. The InIm effect targets the distant sentry, but the MuIm effect targets the caster.

I believe this is along the same lines as the ReMe spell that allows the caster to transfer his mind with that of another (I do not recall the specific name of the spell, but it is the highest level ReMe spell listed in the core book). This spell requires T:Group because two individuals are affected.

If, on the other hand, you consider the Target of the spell to only be the caster and choose to use the Imaginem requisite loosely (or not at all), then the spell should not require R: Sight, because Range is only a consideration of the distance to the actual Target.

What he said.

[size=59]Can't believe I missed that.[/size]

How does one log in to the grimoire?

BTW here is another:
Incantation of Denied Sight
PeIm 30
R:Touch D: Conc T: Vision
All species are destroyed before they reach the target's eyes. Only works on one target.

I based this on "Confusion of the Insane Vibrations" which is a ReIM that targets a victim's vision, and the bit on page 112 which mentions PeIm spells that stop sound from reaching a target.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +4 Vision)

You can log on to the grimoire by pressing the button at the top (says something like "login to edit". You'd be transferred to a page asking for a password - the password is "password".

About IoDS, I'm without books but T:Vision seems very off. Sense targets are only available to Intellego spells (or, possibly, Muto Mentem spells). Im spells usually affect the species the target emits, not the ones it receives - I'm not sure how to deal with this spell. I think I would put it as "Special (Individual+1)" - it's affecting the species "inside" the Individual much like a PeIm spell can affect the species inside a T:Room; the +1 is due to the target being non-standard, as per the rules for nonstandard spell parameters.

Well, check out the spell Confusion of the Insane Vibrations in ReIm. I thought it was weird, but there it was.