Abe's Ideas

I bring this thread up for Abe to use for his ideas. I much prefer that his ideas are localised in this threads than spread all over the boards.

So Abe, please use your threads

new spell-pebble storm
effect-you shoot out pebbles & other debrie for 1 stress die worth of damage
tell me what you think of it please.

I would never use a spell to hurl rocks at myself.

Just deliberately fail your Finesse Roll so that the rocks miss. :unamused:

Where is your basic grasp of magic theory, Kazin? You seem to be mistaking range for target. The Range is medium (probably some hedge wizard slang for the middle range voice), which the target is person (again some slang - I would take it to mean individual... Haven't seen labtexts like this since I tried to decifer the original research of a criamon).

I do however note that the actual basic arts for the spell is missing - probably because the original inventor considered them to be too self-evident to note. Only the requisites are noted... I'd ordinarily guess at some Muto effect - but based on the rest of the lab text, I'd say it's probably a Perdo Vim spell...

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looks more closely


Lord have mercy. It seems you have caught me at a disadvantage and shamed me.

...and here I am; A Bonisagus magus.

I think you've finally convinced me that I should be wearing my reading glasses a little more often than I currently do, which is never.

yes,I meant voice for range(coudn't think of the proper term at the time so I went with medium & target should be indivigual.

Why Auram? You are creating small stones and flinging them at an enemy. Where does the weather come into it?

Pebble Stream
Creo Terram (Rego req) 25
Duration: Conc
Target: Group
Range: Voice
The spell creates a continuous stream of small sharp pebbles and throws them as fast as an arrow at the aimed target. The pebbles will cause minor bruising and cuts to anyone not wearing solid armour. The pebbles will continue to be created as long as the caster maintains concentration.
Whoever is in the stream of the pebbles will suffer a -4 wound each round.
(base 4 create stone in an intricate shape, +1 conc, +2 voice, +2 group)

the arum part come from the mighty wind that propels the pebbles & such at the target & maybe further.

might burp!
regocorpus 3
basically you release a LOUD burp
nice attempt huh.

Definitely Auram to launch mundane objects into the air to hurl at targets. You will get better speeds and damage with lower levels of Auram, maybe...

I would do a strictly Re or Cr Auram spell to lift mundane objects that when hurled could by-pass parma. Not very useful for damage, but mastered with fast cast and one could interupt the casting of a opponent's spell by interrupting their vision, breathing, or concentration.

I like the possibilities

instant paper(ritual)
basically you make paper to make a book with!
creoherbum 10(best guess)
range-touch(you create the paper in your hand)
insant leather(ritual)
creoanimal 10(again best guess)
same as instant paper but you create leather to bind the book with!
range-touch(see instant paper)
tell me what you think of these rituals!

I guess if, in your saga, vis is as plentiful as sand on the beach and there are no trees, cows,or sheep to be found anywhere, then yeah, I guess it would work. Otherwise, why waste valuable vis to make parchment or vellum...vis that, if you're inclined to create stuff with it, could be much better served to make something more durable?

My initial take on it, anyway.

A bit wasteful.
Rituals have to be level 20 or higher, so a T: Group could be easily added to allow the creation of several pages at once.
Mind you, I don't see the CrHe - why paper?
Most books during this periode was written on parchment, which is an animal product.
More durable too as I understand.

sorry,having never played this game I still tend to think somewhat in terms of today instead of then,again sorry.

dragon burp-creofire(forgot the term for fire,sorry)34(arum)
you release a LOUD burp with a LARGE burst of fire to boot!
tell me what you think of this spell.

Creo Ignem
Don't see why you need Auram. If you're creating one belch of fire, that's T: Individual, not T: Group. Base depends on how much damage you want to do. Level 4 does Stress Die + 5, Level 5 does +10 or a +5 in an unnatural shape. I would say that fire coming out of your mouth qualifies as "Unnatural."

My character Vibria has a power that's rather similar...it's a R: Personal, with a free Rego requisite to expel the fire from her lungs/belly. So, let's call it a Cr(Re)Ig, base 5 to do Stress Die + 10 damage. R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Individual (all of which are the base).

So, voila! Cr(Re) 5. And an effect that can almost be sponted without any Fatigue by any decent Ignem specialist.

I know there's precedence (in the form of Last Flight of the Phoenix), but R: Personal really shouldn't work like this.
The effect described above should burn Vibria (or not, with a Rego requisite, which I do not see why is free here?) and possibly entities touching her. It's in the definition of R: Personal.

the arum is to represent the LOUD burp acompaning the fire ball!

If it's just the sound, that's Imaginem, surely?

If you want to knock people deaf, perhaps steal from Jupiter's Resounding Blow?