Abe's Ideas

what would happen if magi discovered dodo's or bananas?

Bananas are known in medieval times,at least in Islamic lands, although I don't know how well known they are beyond the Mediterranean.

As for dodos, they're just another ground bird unless there's something magic about them.

I like to think birds are inherently magical, especially the non-flying ones, since they're effectively the modern dinosaur... But they aren't unusually likely to be Magical, no :stuck_out_tongue:

weapon sighting monocle
a enchanted item that allow the user to gain +3 to strike with any weapon in hand!

Wand of steam cleaning-basically a wand that produces a LARGE cloud of steam that cleans the target COMPLETELY!
What do you think?

As a general idea I don't think just producing the steam will clean anything, it needs a controlled and fine approach, which also removes the steam once it dislodges the soil, dirt, etc.
CrAu base of 5 for slightly unnatural effect. Rego sub-effect for the removal. +1 Touch, Mom, Ind, maybe +1 mag for the cleaning of an entire unspecified thing. ... So CrAu/Re15,
Also requires a finesse check to use, botches might wreck the material. It might also scold but do no real damage (perhaps +0 damage roll).
As an enchanted wand: +10 unlimited uses.

Thanks for understanding the concept.

New spell? Mend the book made by man
Preqisites- duration-Inst Target-ind range-sight
Effect-you instantly restore any book written by a mortal
What do you think of this offering?

If the caster doesn't know the book, that creates knowledge.
Creating knowledge is normally explicitly impossible.

The HoH:TL book has a spell in the Mercere section that recreates a damaged book, ritual with arcane connection.

(Working title). Green slime!
Effect-you dump some sort of green glop on top of the person/target!
What do you think?

You Can't Do That At Tribunal! (or on television :mrgreen:)

It would work.

Then again, CrTe with a base of 1 allows you to create dirt...including mud. Just creating a bunch of regular mud to drop on people works pretty well and is trivially easy for a Terram specialist.

Dusting wand
This wand looks like a feather duster but when activated it emets a LARGE cloud of dust!
Creo terram?
Other than that I’m not sure how to make it.

New spell-humanoid heart-beast
Effect-you make your heart-beast into a humanoid version of itself!
What do you think?

New flaw?-stinky feet
Your feet stink bad!
Not sure what the point bonus would be though, help!

It seems like that flaw might be covered by the Social Handicap flaw in the core book? (I think I have the right name, books are not available right now.)

New spell-wormhole!(working title)
Basically the effect of this spell is to teleport the caster from one part of the planet to another part of the planet!
Target-self(it only effects the caster after all)
I figure that the storyteller could use it to transport people from Europe to the American continent if s/he wishes.
What do you think?

You'd still need an Arcane Connection to move to a place you can't see, right?
And then it's just another name for the Leap of Homecomming.

Bag of Holding! Basically you can carry up to 10 times your strinth limit when you put the items into the bag!
What do you think?