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Creo Ignem
Don't see why you need Auram. If you're creating one belch of fire, that's T: Individual, not T: Group. Base depends on how much damage you want to do. Level 4 does Stress Die + 5, Level 5 does +10 or a +5 in an unnatural shape. I would say that fire coming out of your mouth qualifies as "Unnatural."

My character Vibria has a power that's rather similar...it's a R: Personal, with a free Rego requisite to expel the fire from her lungs/belly. So, let's call it a Cr(Re)Ig, base 5 to do Stress Die + 10 damage. R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Individual (all of which are the base).

So, voila! Cr(Re) 5. And an effect that can almost be sponted without any Fatigue by any decent Ignem specialist.

I know there's precedence (in the form of Last Flight of the Phoenix), but R: Personal really shouldn't work like this.
The effect described above should burn Vibria (or not, with a Rego requisite, which I do not see why is free here?) and possibly entities touching her. It's in the definition of R: Personal.

the arum is to represent the LOUD burp acompaning the fire ball!

If it's just the sound, that's Imaginem, surely?

If you want to knock people deaf, perhaps steal from Jupiter's Resounding Blow?

joker grin(working title
regocorpus 3
basically you make the "victum" make a crazy looking grin!

Could it be argued that CrAu can create a deafening thunderclap (by creating the actual thunderclap), but CrIm could also create a noise loud enough to actually deafen or damage?

There was a thread about this earlier ([url]https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/crim-vs-crau-clap-of-tunder/7205/1]) but I didn't see a ref to RAW guidelines.

call the ceaser's salad!
effect-you create a salad out of thin air!
creoherbum(animal)14(best guess)
tell me what you think of this spell.

Creating food is all but pointless is Ars, as it needs Vis to be nourishing and permanent. A spell can create any meal, but I doubt a magus would waste the vis.

Now using MuIm to change the appearance, taste, and texture of a plate of food, or even MuHe(An) to turn a poor meal into a great one - that might be worth sponting for particularly poor meals. I think the old web grimoire has some spells like this, and there might have been a version in a 4th ed book. It sounds very familiar.

Rule of thumb: spells above level 4 always have levels that are divisable by 5.
Never level 14, always 15 (or 10 or 20 or 25.. etc)

Level 14 will only ever be seen in a device*

  • Some troupes play the General spells can be any integer level, including 14, others do not.

cat wiskers -mutocorpus(animal)10
you gain the wiskers of a cat along with the senses of said animal
not sure how to make it work for ars magica,however YOU fine people might.

any devices that could be built using these spells?

stinky sweat
mutocorpus 5(best guess)
you curse someone to havfe ultra-smelly sweat that repulses evferybody around them!
range-journey(to allow you to hide yourself from vengfule people)
tell me what you think of this spell & how you might use it in a adventure.

pollen burst!(creoherbum 15)
basically you conjure a LARGE cloud of pollen to make oponents become sir sneeze-a-lot!
duration-inst if there is flours nearby of sun if not
not sure how to make this spell better though.

If you're moving the pollen from the flowers to somewhere else, that would be Rego. As is, it looks like it would be Rego Herbam 10. Base 1 to "create a plant product (like a fruit or leaf)", R: Sight +3, D: Momentary, T: Group +2. (I was initially thinking T: Individual, since you'd be creating "a" pollen cloud, but precedent – Curse of the Ravenous Swarm – indicates that it would indeed be "group.")

And this spell, I think, would create a cloud of pollen a pace to each side (which is three feet, or about a meter), lasting just a few seconds at most. Of course, the effects could well last for days.

pollen sneeze-creoherbum 10(herbum)
basically you sneeze out a cloud of sneeze inducing pollen to your oponent
tell me what you think of this spell.

instant drunk! regocorpus20
basically you make the target act VERY drunk!
tell me what you think of this spell.

I don't think Rego is the Technique you're wanting here, as you're not actually "controlling" the target (unless you're actually controlling him in such a way as to make him act drunk without him actually being drunk, in which case the base would be 10, and as near as I can tell the final level as you described it would be 25, not 20).

I think what you would need to make a person drunk would be Perdo Corpus, since you're basically inflicting a person with the effects of a poison. Since you describe it as "very" drunk, I would probably go with base 10, on a par with the loss of a Fatigue Level or cause a Medium Wound. Touch is +1, D: Sun is +2, no change for T: Individual, so your final Spell Level would also be 25, the way I reckon it.

By the way, when you post your proposed spells, I think it would be easier for us if you at least mention what your base level is, to make it easier for us to check it. Your Rego Corpus 20, with the Touch and Sun duration, backs out to a base of 5, which is "Move a target slowly in any direction you please" or "Hold a target's body motionless," both of which sound less powerful than what you describe.

ReMe10 Call to slumber - is drunk a mental state?

Rego is not only control, but also movement.


yougurt creation
mutoanimal 10
effect-you sour milk into yogurt(a variant of this spell could create cheese!)
tell me what you think of this presentation.