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The time taken to make good drawings is so high, not to mention the cost of coloured inks, I think graphic novels would be too anachronistic, even with the benefit of magic, to be possible.

Is the Bamberg Apocalypse graphic novel enough:

Yep, such books were made for emperors, then donated to monasteries or cathedral chapters.

I'm glad to be proven wrong.

Thanks One Shot.

Any thoughts on my foodstuffs question?

Web form & material bonus? +2 to control/contain insects & +1 to weaving. What do you think?

Seems to make sense.

Any form & material bonuses for spiders?

Caffeine crash:effect-it induces a MASSIVE headache in a person
Duration:sun/moment?(not sure myself)
Any ideas on how to make this spell better?

You must put on your Mythic Medieval shoes :wink:

  • Coffee in itself was not known in Europe in the 1200 - wiki tells me 15the century in Yemen, still quite far from Europe considering how slow information spread at the time.
  • Caffeine not identified as a compound before 1900 (I could not find an exact date).

Now, that should not prevent you from inventing a headache inducing spell, just with a different name.
The first base you can look at is Weight of a Thousand Hell, CrMe Base 4.
It is quite a strong effect, and it is more about tormenting the person with bad, disturbing thought than creating a physical pain.

Pure physical pain is the purview of PeCo, Base 4 (cause pain, no real damage). The person under such spell would have penalty to all his action (-1), and should pass EF 9 concentration spell (at least) to attempt any mental task.

You could combine both to make somebody morning wake up truly miserable.

Definitely should be perdo, however arguing for causing mind pain under mentem seems reasonable. I think Perdo Corpus and Perdo Mentem could arguably cause pain.

Potential lab item?
Astrological charts?(not sure if magi would actually use them in a lab myself)
What do you think?

Potential range?
Shadow:basically anything Your shadow can reach you can affect!
What do you think?

Well, yes? What sort of effect are you thinking for them?

Fortune telling?

Spook the daemon:effect:you scare demons/devils into leaving you/other people alone! Note:the demons/devils cannot be possessing people/creatures at the time of casting or the spell automatically fails. The demons/devils must make a will? Roll to avoid the spells effect, otherwise they flee back to hell at top speed!
Target individual
Regomentum (vim?)25(at least!)
If you can improve this spell Iā€™m all ears!


Not a fan. Demons come from hell, where humans are tortured endlessly. What can frighten them? Just as one can't design a spell to compel demons to tell the truth, I think they should also be immune to fear.

It also sounds a bit more like an exorcism, which seems more the province of the divine, but then, there is Demon's Eternal Oblivion....

They aren't though. Just like they aren't immune to fire, unlike (at least some) previous editions.

The key question is whether we should allow spells to specifically target demons unless they use a guideline that specifically target demons. I would say we shouldn't.