Ability + Characteristics Mecanics doubt

Hello, I'm new in ars magica, love the game and recently start a campaing as GM (promisses promisses) , so i'm have some dificult in indentify how Ability + Characteristics use for the circunstances in game, there is a guideline with examples of situacions ? can someone help me give me some advices?

Sorry about the english i'm still learning :smiley:

Thankyou for the atencion :wink:

Att: NaeoN

Hi NaeoN,

Do you mean that you would like some help in deciding which characteristic to use with which ability? If so, I don't remember seeing any particular guidelines. I've just tried to pick the most obvious combinations. For example, Awareness will probably always be combined with Perception. But Music might be combined with Communication to sing a very moving song or with Intelligence to recognise a melody from somewhere.

5th ed is not as strict about this as earlier editions. IIRC they had a table with which Ability + Characteristic to use for various activities.
We allow some flexibility in my group, to let players decide how their character goes about certain things. So a character can use their strengths. of course some things have only one logical combination.

So as long as the entire Troupe is in agreement about which Characteristic covers what they should have the option of asking to use something else, if they have a reason.

Athletics is used for physical activities, and Dex seems a logical choice. But if a character is better in other way the player may claim to use more brawn than technique and ask to use Str. Or, if speed is a factor, use Qik. Or if takes a long time and endurance is more of a factor, use Stm.

Social abilities:
I tend to use Prs if the situation is about first impression and a fast result, but Com if you have more time to snare the victim in by talk.

And IMHO abilities can switch around as well. If a character needs to determine if he believes a lie, he could ask: "I'm a good liar myself, can't I use Per+Guile rather than Folk Ken?" And we tend to allow that.