About Device Lab Texts

Ok, the normal rules for using, writing, copying etc. Lab Texts is quite clear.

But how specific is a device lab text? Do you need to make the exact same device, using the precise same shapes and materials? So when writing up the device, you need - in addition to TeFo level Range/Duration/Target, Penetration, Uses/day, other modifiers - to list the item's shape and material.

And am I the only one lacking these last options in Metacreator Covenants???

Yup. You have the create the same item, using exactly the same materials uses per days RDT, etc etc. Otherwise you would be creating a new item :slight_smile:


If the device has "charges", your Lab Total determines how many charges it has. Otherwise, even down to the Shape and Material (and even if that is not "optimal"), you follow the recipe 100%.

(dunno about McC)