About Rego Vim

Looking at the ReVi guidelines, you can as general spell do this base guideline:
"Sustain or suppress a spell cast by another whose level is less than half the (level + 5 magnitudes) of the Vim spell."

The spell needs to be a minimum of Voice, so the modified guideline becomes (level + 3 magnitudes) since you "spend" 2 to go from Per to Voice.
And in effect you can suppress a spell, if you can double the spell level with your ReVi spell +15 levels.

Questions arise now:

  1. What does "suppress" mean? Can you deflect a spell cast on you? If only for a moment, but that is usually enough to avoid combat spells witn D:Mom. Can you stop an ongoing effect for just an instant? Whatever good that might do you. This method would work better if it were D:Conc (making it need to double target spell level with own level+10).
  2. Can this be used fast-cast to respond to combat spells or the effects of trap-like devices which paranoid magi protect their sancti with? I guess the timing is important, but if you expect something, you might be allowed to. Or alternatively be so paranoid as to always deflect possibly spells when entering such places. You'd have to roll, risking Botches and fatigue.
  3. Isn't there usually a Stress die (no botch) added to your total of spell level + modifiers?
  4. Following the lines of Perdo VIm, by comparing spells like Wind of Mundane Silence and Unraveling the Fabric of [Form], this is for the general deflecting spell. If one were to invent one specific for each form, it wouldn't need to double the level but only match it, right?
  5. Is Range: Voice really needed? Could it be R:Touch because you are (otherwise9 being affected by the spell? I think R:Pers is too little, since once this applies, the spell will already have affected you. The same could be said for R:Touch, because by the time you can touch the effect it will already be through your Parma Magica.

My try to help you :slight_smile:

  1. we can't suppress a spell which has no duration.
  2. maybe, but as the device/watching ward/waiting spell is "automatic" you'll need some 18+ quickness speed for fast casting your magic
  3. only for Perdo. Give at Caesar what is at Caesar :smiley:
  4. no, Rego is not Perdo. Rego distinguishes between the caster of the spell where Perdo distinguishes between type of spells
  5. range touch would be good if you are sure to be fast casting fast enough. Otherwise, voice is better as the spell would need to come to you.

My take:

  1. "Suppress" means making the spell impotent, stopping its effects temporarily, IMHO. I don't see why you can't "suppress" a Momentary spell, protect yourself in combat, or so on.
  2. Sure. Good luck with that initiative roll. (I do hate that mechanic, BTW.)
  3. Usually does not cover this instance :wink:
  4. There isn't such a guideline. I think it's a fairly reasonable extrapolation, but I'll have to think about the ramifications before allowing it. At any case, it's a house rule.
  5. R:Touch can work, if you're under the effect of the spell or it's about to affect you.
  1. No spells have 'no duration' the shortest is Momentary. if I suppress a Ball of Abysmal Flame for just a moment, it won't affect me, since this is all the time it lasts
  2. Sure, it is difficult, but not impossible then?
  3. Just grasping at straws! PeVi affecting some magic and spells do, but might stripepr spells don't. That's the way it is. Thank god for Rebuttal Mastery, that's a way of getting more bang for the buck.
  4. Nuts. Oh well, it more difficult but yoy only need one spell. At least that's something.
  5. I don't really see a difference as to the fast casting. I merely thought touch or personal might mean it was to late to affect with counter magic.

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that, as a defense, voice range is used to affect the spell before if affects you, before it is even cast in fact: Even a PoF, one "thrown", affect you "at once" (since it is effectively creating a fire where you stand), so you need to supress it before it is sent.
Thus, touch range would only be good if you were touching the ennemy caster.

However, touch range spells have other uses, such as momentarily supressing that magical stone arch through which your ennemies enter the covenant.

I can buy that argument for Voice range.

And isn't Supressing the Wizard's Handiwork already the spell for this? So there are in fact examples of the guideline in use?