About the external soul

I have a problem with this capacity of the gruagachan/infernalists.

With the external soul, it seems it's not possible to die from injury, it gives unaging...

But nowhere I was able to find an indication about the accumulation of aging points and decrepitude. And decrepitude don't give any physical injury.

It seems that gruagachan can gain decrepitude (and they can fall sick, or have crisis too), and at the score of 5... Couic !

External soul or not.

Well, it wasn't like this in the precedent version of this magical lineage, so I'm surprised. They are already limited by the warping, but it seems that aging is for them a greater threat.

What do you think ?

Why should they be immune to aging? I don't want millenia old gruagachan running about, thank you. I think keeping their aging as-is is fine.


I take your point.

But what I said is:

They are already limited by the warping. With this, it's already not possible to get "millenia old gruagachan".

So, my question is:

What about the aging points, and the decrepitude ? Because with this, it seems it's difficult to get more than 100 years old gruagach.

And with their background, it seems weird.