Acquiring Virtues for Inner Heartbeast

Mystery Cults, pg 33:

Acquiring Virtues paragraph, where it says your inner heartbeast can acquire either Major or Minor flaws from a specific list and the lists may be extended to virtues with the agreement of the ST.

I have no idea what is meant by this, can I get some help?

I understand this "Flaws" in the text to be a - quite obvious - error. What is apparently meant is "Virtues", since lists of Major and Minor Virtues are indeed immediately following.


Kinda thought that, but I wasn't sure if they meant flaws that one gets with Mystery initiations maybe.

Ordeals are possible with Initiations to "refine the Inner Heartbeast", as described on p.32f. And all the Flaws the Character can acquire are subject to SG judgement, who "adds a sympathetic Script bonus (or penalty) from -5 to +5 depending upon how suited he feels the added component is to the Initiation of the specific refinement". With this huge license for the SG, there is no specific list needed for Flaws that can be acquired in Ordeals in this kind of Initiations, and none is given.