Adding penateration to spells

What is the process to add penatration to a spell you wish to create.??

Also if after adding the penatration, the spell goes over lvl 50 is it a ritual or are you allowed to make spells over 50 as long as the added penatration is why it is over 50..???

Can you cast a spell high enough that it alone will cause a parma to drop (say a multiple of the resistance of the magus) based on the spells penatration above the parma resistance of the magus..???


I don't think it works that way. You don't add penetration to a spell; penetration is the energy (Casting Total) surplus after the spell itself, plus your Penetration skills. I suppose you could invent a spell of higher level declaring that it had +10 Penetration, say, but that would take longer to invent and learn just to have the same effect. E.g. if the spell itself is level 30, and you can cast with Total 40, you have 10 penetration. If the penetration-included spell is level 40, and you cast with Total 40, you have 10 penetration.

There is nothing to support penetration alone knocking down a Parma or anything else. If Ars doesn't support momentum for mundane objects I see no need to import an analogy to momentum for spells. Knocking down a Parma would be a Perdo Vim (Vim target) effect, possibly specialized ("it's not quite Vim, you have to research it separately") or banned by the storyguide. Or you could use the unspecialized Perdo Vim Wind of Mundane Silence.

Penetration has nothing to do with spell level - it applies after all that..

Start by generating the Casting Total (roll + Aura + Arts) or (roll + aura + Arts)/2 or (Aura + Arts)/5.
Subtract the Spell Level. (For a spont you can choose to restrict the spell level so you have some points left over.)(*)

That's that starting point for Pen. Now take the Pen Ability score, and multiply the Ability score (and nothing else) by 1 + any bonus for AC or Sympathetic connections.
Add the multiplied Pen Ability score to the excess points from Casting Total - Spell level, and you get the final Pen Total. :exclamation:

Pen Total = (Casting Total - Spell Level) + (Pen Ability Score * (1 + AC bonus + Sympathy bonuses)) :bulb:

[For a Device, the effect has a built-in Pen of 0, with no roll and no use pf anyone's Pen Ability. Thus for devices there is an additional option:- take the base Effect Level as calculated, and add a further +N levels for Pen. and get +2N Pen for the enchanted effect.
You do still always add the Aura Modifier - starting with the base of 0 or +2N, so in a Magic Aura you may have a +ve Pen, and in a Divine Aura -ve; but if the Target is, say, Infernal, it may be even worse affected and you may still zap it!
Device Pen = (0 + Aura) + 2
(Pen. Effect Levels) :bulb:

There is no core rule to devise a spell with enhanced (though House Rules might suggest it)

Wulfenbach is right to sya that Pen alone does not blow down Parma (nor any other MR). A spell or power or effect which challenges MR, will either penetrate and affect the target - and the target knows nothing (unless e.g. the flash of flames gives it away!);
or MR resists, no spell affects the target, and the target is made aware that they have resisted.

(And in this, MR 0 is specifically differnt from "no MR" - no MR means no resistance, no how, and no knowledge of resisted effects.
MR 0 can resist any effect with 0 or -ve Pen!)

After the effect has been resolved - the MR remains, unless special cases apply - such as a PeVi designed to dispell a specific kind of MR, which would be the thing to knock down Parma,
or perhaps ReVi to temporarily suppress if (compare ReVi GL to PeVi GL)

According to Covenants you can add a penetration bonus to tablets (a special kind of spell). See:

Step by step guide to tablets

Two examples

O.k., they are excessively detailed. :laughing: