Adventures in Brief

Apprentice mission has only single botch die.

Chiurgy is not a combat ability. If you look at the list things that help during combat are included. The roll is high enough that anything would have succeeded, even something you defaulted, so little impact on that point.

The witch's wand must have been destroyed during the adventure, unless you take it as an adventure reward...

Adventures with multiple people are calculated normally. All involved get experience points the same as if it were solo. Rewards may be divided up as you see fit, but they are calculated from the overall adventure. Most choices may be applied to all (for example, confidence, labor point, virtues, and reputation will affect all involved)

hexed lady is also single botch die.
Also one success and 2 losses on a covenant story means 1 negative impact either for the character or the covenant, not one for each.

For clarity here, Evandrus found Camilla many years ago as a baby and placed her among the fae to grow into an adolescent. That is the standard among the Line of Quendalon, and I wrote that into their history. That doesn't mean this can't be, just that such a thing would have been done many years ago and is only being rolled out now.

Silveroak -- How do you want to handle Ouragan's adventure with Gabriele? Should Crawfs do all the rolling, using Gabriele's abilities, or should we each roll for the separate events we are handling, using the support?

ranking character rolls, so in this case the magus
1 set of challenges, difficulty 9

So in this case the Guile, Folk ken and Magic roll?

I'm confused. I thought the following post referred to the Ouragan adventure:

So I thought Gabriele was going along to handle the legal/diplomatic angle, while Ouragan would handle the combat rolls.
(Looking at the Legal/Diplomatic list on the Fast Advancement Rules page, it seems Gabriele is not as prepared for this sort of thing as I had assumed ... Unless his Enchanting Music ability can be used in the Spell category?)

Crawfs, I would suggest using Gabriele's Guile and Folk Ken abilities. He has a score of 0 in the other relevant abilities. Who knows? Perhaps having no experience in Law will be beneficial when dealing with a Faerie Court? :wink:

Silveroak, can you please clarify what you need for this adventure? (Perhaps it would be helpful to number the adventures each year, so we can reference them quickly? Ahh. You already did: [url]]. Perhaps we need to reference them when posting information and questions. To clarify, I'm referring to 1101-3.)

challenge level 6 refers to the gate being opened by natural events, which I had neglected to put on the original list... which Andros (Callen) volunteered for by quoting the post in question, but the outcome of which still needs to be determined.

The faerie pranks is a separate adventure which stems from Ouragen's supernatural nuisance- so Ouragen's challenge is one set of challenges, difficulty 9 with legal/diplomatic issues for the challenge

Hmm, looking at Ouragan's abilities he also has quite a few points in Charm

Would Ouragan starting with a charm as a sort of "I'm so sorry this tragedy is befallen you, rest assured this matter will be dealt with" which would also let me take the first impressions one as well, and then for the remainder let Gabriel take over with Folk ken and guile? Or does Ouragan have to complete the 3 challenges himself?

Apprentice Adventure
Let's say the Faeries were demanding a lot of references before they would return the apprentice. Fae are weird like that sometimes. Hence the need to get help from other magi.

No Botch

One reward is getting the apprentice character right?
The second reward will be four vis for Aegis. The fae gifted her. Four terram vis, each in the form of a golden apple.

Cult Adventure
Evan gets a confidence point.
Hexx Adventue

No Botch

Two rewards will provide build points to the covenant giving is this:
Suspicious Wand of Flame - CrIg - 30
0 Penetration, Unlimited
Range: Voice Duration: Conc Target: Ind
This creates a small fire, up to the size of a campfire. This fire requires no fuel, and is not "attached" to anything. It inflicts +5 damage if anyone is burned by it. This is a brass wand, and it is activated with a flicking motion.
Base 4 +2 Voice +1 Conc ,+5 levels item maintains concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Uses per day.

Aegis will use it in cooking in place of regular fires unless someone has a better idea. She'll do her best to see if she can get the other cooks to use it too, and inform the magi of it as well in case they have a better idea.

The third reward will be for Aegis, a mere four vim vis, each in the form of a silvery grape.
The downside is Aegis gains three negative reputation points. Also is that a straight -3 rep or three xp in a negative rep?

That good?

splitting the challenges is fine- that is the point to a team. As long s the abilities and characteristics don't duplicate.

The reputation rules from the main book are the first point counts as a score, but subsequent points act as points towards building that score, so 3 points will give you 1(2)

Correcting the rewards for mine - I will take the individual reward and loss for Pazzino (as I've already put those on the character on the wiki), no covenant rewards or losses. In future I will know to choose whether the individual or covenant gets the rewards or losses.

When was the Mercury adventure? Can I put it in spring?

Coyote Code is working for you guys??? I've done all sorts of stuff and it still gives me blanks. Can someone put this in?

3 rolls
Combat. Str + Brawl = 4, Dex + Great Weapon = 5, Gift of the Bear's Fortitue (MuCo25) +31

(Extra d10's if a 0 comes up, of course.)

The Mercury adventure was in the fall

I had trouble with coyotecode as well so I rolled in excel- 9,0,9 (no botch)


Hmm... I hadn't asked, but now it really matters. Can we apply specialties? There are plenty of times when they wouldn't fit, but he has only one great weapon to use. That would kick his total to 6 instead of 5.

If the specialization intrinsically fits the setting then yes. Obviously you will be equipped with a specialty weapon, and if for example it is a faerie related adventure and your area lore has a faerie areas specialization that would count, but they cannot be crowbarred in for the extra +1 just because you want the +1.

Now comes the hard part. First, though, I assume Folk Ken cannot be used for this legal one since it's with the fae, that it's Faerie Lore instead. Right? I would also think that Code of Hermes is not an appropriate law. Assuming those to be true...

Legal. Pre + Guile (default) = 0, Per + Intrigue (default) = 0, Com + Artes Liberales = 3

(And, wow, I just noticed Andros has no Organization Lore for the Order of Hermes. Apparently he's pretty clueless about the Order.)

excel rolled 2,9,9

So I've updated the planning sheet with the adventures. Basically it cuts out the season spent refining the lab, wipes out a season of Aegis's training and impinges some on Aegis's work. Of course, since she has seasons from No Fatigue she could presumably make up the lost work time, but the training is presumably messed up since that needs to be coordinated with someone else.

Note the non-fatigue based seasons on your character sheet, since adventures cannot happen during these seasons there is no need to include them on the planner.