Aegis and tokens

Down in Loch Caillte it appears you need a token to be covered by an aegis, I was under the impression that just being in the area gave you the protection of the aegis from those with out tokens.
Can anyone clarify this for me?

If you stand within an aegis, the aegis protects you against supernatural effects cast by people that are NOT members of the Aegis themselves.

If Diedre wanted to blast you to bits, she would not be affecgted by the aegis at all. rather obvious. If Sneaky Demon Bob wanted to blast you to bits, you would get the full protection of the aegis since you are NOT the one being affected, but Bob getting a huge penalty to his casting total.

You will get the full penalty of the aegis to your use of magic until you get accepted by the ritual of reciving a token.



Since I was the one who initially proposed this, I'll weigh in.

Xavi is right. Brodevic is protected by the aegis by virtue of the penalty to casting total that the LC aegis provides independent of whether he has a token or not.

The reason that Stephan proposed what he did, was that by giving Brodovic the token, Brodovics casting total will not be similarly penalized and would be even more capable of defending himself than if he did not have the token.

BTW, I'm playing Stephan as a bit niave and, despite his intellect, a bit too trusting. He'll occasionally propose or do things that are just damned risky as a result.