Aegis as a weapon?

What if a magi went to a location that had a den of magical creatures inside and cast an aegis around them while they were trapped?

I think the aegis would need to penetrate thier might if they were present inside, but what would happen to the creatures if it penetrated? Would they lose might, and end up dying?

They would have trouble using any Might-derived powers (penetration is not required for that effect) and if they left the area, they might find themselves unable to return, but they wouldn't be otherwise trapped nor (in most cases) suffer ill effects from the Aegis.

Although of course, it is possible to decide otherwise if it suits the story and the creature's concept better, up to and including having the creature be able to ignore the Aegis as if it had a casting token.

Uh.... um, no. (Yeah, I think that covers it, just "no".) :laughing:

Where to start?...

RTFM (that would be a good place). Aegis works as a barrier, to stop magical creatures from entering an area. It does nothing to make them "lose their magical might", nor to stop them from leaving. (And that would be a helluva new spell, considering.)

Further, unless a magical creature were purely magical (like a ghost), reducing their MM to zero would cripple their magical powers, but not kill them, afaik- the "animal" part would still be there, just not be magical for the duration.

Lastly... um, yeah. Never mind, that's enough. :unamused:

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You could I suppose pull some sort of Hobbit trick and get Smog to leave his layer, then throw down the Aegis (no quick feat). When Smog returns, there is an Aegis he has to content with. While by no means a physical barrier that keeps him out, I would say if he's not there when it's cast he has to contend with it when he returns.

You know, it depends on the area that you want to protect, but people often quickly dismiss the effectiveness of a normal WALL. Even if it gets knocked down, it has to be knocked down and that takes time. Time a magus can use to lob spells. Time his buddy magus can use to reinforce the breaking wall. Work this right, and normal fortications can work wonders to slow down a menace as you attack it.

k, thanks for the input.