Aegis of the Hearth Day

Happy Aegis of the Hearth day, everyone! I hope the Redcaps leave lots of vis around your covenants this glorious winter season.

Let the Light return!

And don't forget a few tokens for your friends :wink:

Thank you Erik - and to you too!

And kids, dont forget to leave out milk, cookies, invested items, pouches of silver or whatever you resident Redcap prefers! :smiley:

  • Personally I'm wishing for some Auram vis with which to make myself a merry little white Christmas :wink:

Meh, we've warded him out right on time. :smiling_imp:

Happy AotH day!


We do it in the Summer Solstice in our Saga, cause the aura is slightly better...

But then, I do live in Brazil, and it was Summer Solstice so: Happy Aegis of the Heart Day! :wink:

May you find an abundance of Vis and may your aging rolls all be 2s today!

Happy AotH Day! :slight_smile: