[After the Fall] Castle Maps: I am so tempted to buy this!


It has maps of Pfalzgrafenstein!

My players are all busy rebuilding it, and a castle map would be so handy.

Sigh... but $40 american for a map?



Hm, been looking around for maps of Pfalzgrafenstein. Thus far, nothing of note.

Anyone know a source for maps of castles that might have it, somewhere on the web?

Hm, then again, that Castles map pack also has Krak des Chevaliers...


what about calling the tourist office at the castle... if indeed any such exist, and ask to be sent info on the place. If that does not work, then ask the historical faculty of the closest university. They tend to have access.

Of course, you could also use mail, if the phone costs are daunting :slight_smile:

my two aureus

Do any of you know why the download price for canada is 12$ more than all the other countries?



Obviously the build up of Canadian fortifications. Some sort of trickle down effect of the success of the Caylus boardgame?


PS: That is strange...

Hi Vrylakos,

I enjoy drawings and groundmaps of castles for use in Ars - but I was dismayed to find that your castle wasn't to find in my usual ressources. The only map I could find was of the internet, but even if you haven't got it already, I don't know if it'll be of much use.

Honestly I dont think the program seems worth the prize - personally I would prefer maps with more of a somewhat medieval feel than Campaign Carthographers pixels. Btw I didn't see whether you actually would have to by CC to get anything out of this product...? I have CC, but must honestly admit that I've never used it, prefering real maps or my own impossible ugly handdrawn maps.

I also came upon this webpage on the castle that you might very well know, but I throw it in nonetheless, even if it doesn't give any inspirational details on the site prior to 1327.


Hmm - just took a closer look at the demo on their webpage though, and have to say that the 2D floor maps look reasonable. And pictures and info are nice too - and a bit corny with D20 stats for the neutral evil cleric lord and his witch of a wife Antigone... :laughing: If I hadn't tons of similiar material and books I might be tempted too. A little bit.

Yes, the Burg Pfalz seems to have very little in the way of maps or floorplans available on the web. I'm not sure who did that section of GotF, but I'd like to ask them where they got their floorplan info from.

I do have that red map, by the way.

If I bought the product above, I'd probably be tempted to get CC2 so I could re-do the map in accordance with their reconstruction... and that would be a terrifying waste of money.


It was me... The floorplan was done mostly from memory, with the aid of some photos and a similarly basic outline map that I found on the web. I visited the castle 2 or 3 years ago, and took some photos. In hindsight, I really wish I had taken some more detailed photos / measurements / notes, as I'm sure my memory was not perfect...

A while back, I did a fairly thorough search for photos and maps - you can see the results on the relevant part of my saga website (spoilers elsewhere on this site):


I'm similarly tempted to get the castles package, but as noted it seems a bit much just for one castle of interest... Still, if anyone is interested in jointly buying this thing, I'll contribute $10 to the cause - it'd be useful for my saga.

lol :laughing:

Silly me, I hadn't even looked in my GotF - nice map there btw, perfect memory or not! And nice pictures on the website as well. That castle is really starting to grow on me - must remember it for future inspiration!

FWIW, if you use NASA Worldwind or Google Earth, you can find the castle at 50°04'59"N 7°45'56"E. The resolution on Google Earth is pretty good.

Thanks for the photos, APSmith.

Thanks for a wonderful Saga launch area in the form of the Rhine Gorge. The new group I'm playing with really seem to dig it.

The Castles Source Maps dealio interests me for the crusader castles and one or two others. Is jointly buying such a product possible?