[After the Fall] Redcap Letters

Ingmar the Redcap has finally made contact with the Sodalicium Phoenicis Elati - the covenant is finally on the hermetic map, with a charter sent to be looked over by a Quaesitor.

Being on the hermetic mail route, I'd like to have them get mail.

SO... here's my thought.

Any Ars Magica lovers out there, feel free to send my covenant mail!
Send it in the guise of an old character you have, a new character you've made up, conspire with me on stories and start them via a missive - whatever you'd like to do!

I'll post their covenant soon. Perhaps you'd like to trade vis? Ask to borrow a book? Inquire about the rumors of Infernal acts? Whatever you can think of!

Send it to a specific mage, or the covenant as a whole.

In this way, you're becoming part of the saga, those of you not playing Ars Magica can indulge your love of the game, and hopefully have a bit of fun as well. Those of you with good knowledge of the time might serve to make the setting come even more alive.

Post letters here, and I'll print them out in an appropriate font, and post their reactions and responses. If the mail you back, I'll post it here!

And if you post a letter her within the next 4 hours, it'll go to tonight's game! They may even get it before the grogs revolt en masse!


Always ready to conspire. How about something like this:

Hey Vrylakos,

If you want to try this:

[i]Greetings to the Covenant of the Exalted Phoenix from the Covenant of Solis Castle.

We salute you in your brave endeavour, to form untried and untested a new convenant in a region that has seen the destruction of so many others cannot but excite our admiration and respect.

As you have inherited the land and buildings of the former covenant of (*) we also invite you to accept the honour of being their Hermetic beneficiaries. Specifically the matter of one enchanted urn, ordered not one year before their destruction, but not delivered due to that sad circumstance.

We expect that such would help you tremendously in securing your future. However you must understand that without a legal accepting of the status of beneficiary we cannot proceed further.

Yours in fondest wishes,
Moravius ex Verditius[/i]

In other words he made an item he doesn't want on order and get stuck with it and wants to pass it off, if they accept being beneficiaries then they accept debts as well. Sorry about the (*) but I don't have the name of the covenant they are building on at hand.

Another point for communication, are you going to have the GOTF plot for a new Baltic tribunal in play? If so then letters from Daria in Triamore would be a good choice. Invitations as one of the closest covenants to come and discuss the future of their covenant and their place in the tribunal. Triamore having a famed library would want to purchase a copy of the promised intelligo text.

Daria already approached them at Tribunal. There were 3 or 4 offers made to them, and they chose the Rhine Gorge via Murion offer. Caliana was all for the Triamore/Baltic Tribunal idea.

She still might write them though...

Who will one day have his Levantine Saga.