[After The Fall] The Character that Most Interests You Poll

Which of the After The Fall Mages interests you the most?

  • Renaldo Silvanus filius Crito scholae Bonisagi
  • Magnus Victor filius Victor (Cyclops), doctrinae Tytali Carnifex
  • Caliana filia Helena doctrinae Jerbitonis Cantrix
  • Lorenzo Structor filius Aeolus scholae Verditii Maximus
  • Reylar Valerian filius Astarte doctrinae Merinitae

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For fun, and to see how the mages play to the audience who is reading along (thank you!), I thought it would be interesting to see who is... interesting amongst the player mages.

So, please answer the poll, and if you feel inclined to provide a reason for your choice, I'm all ears!

Also, if I've blown their formal hermetic names, please let me know. I wish I had a better name for Lorenzo than Structor...



Hm, this also occurs to me that it might be a method to see if I favor any character.


I know I shouldn't, I know, but I can't help liking the certamen lover with the itchy-trigger finger. The reaction to the "manly essence" was just priceless...

A four way tie? NO!

Off to update the saga chronicle!