ahhh!real monsters(old show)

what do you think the stats for the various monster from that show would be(in the show they were suppost to be aroung during caveman day's & modern times,thussly they should have been aroung durin meadival times as well)





Maybe you should make them up and post them

Abe, do you actually PLAY Ars Magica? Asking these things look rather weird in 99% of saga settings I can imagine....


Well, from his posts, he knows more about cartoons than Ars...

no i don't play rpgs much.

So if you don't play RPG's much, why do you need the stats for 'Real Monsters'?
or Ars for that matter?

The consideration of the OP , is that he is an [color=blue]"ideas man".
Actually possessing a copy of the Rules (any Edition) is not a prerequisite for posting on the subject of Ars Magica.

Urien, watch out! Next session i'm gonna have you encounter an axe wielding can of Kung-Pow chicken, or whatever that is. Don't encourage the poor boy.

I'll raise my parma Ex-SG and eat the CHICKEN.

This is what a real monster hunter looks like :

[i]The hours are growing long. The shudders closed to keep the small chamber under the roof at a tolerable temperature. With the shudders bolted the mild sting of smoke from the candles and the fireplace grows less dim.

Master Ulisterius Scolae Jerbitoni pauses a moment from his inquiry into the subject of todays reading of Marcus Tullius Cicero, and for a moment he just simply looks at his young apprentice with the scruffy straw-coloured hair. For that moment he doesn't ponder on what next question to challenge, yet not topple, the apprentice. Instead he wonders how the hair of this child of noble breed who so meticulously grooms his hair still seem as if someone had just rustled it. Is it the serfs? They tend to forget that not only is the child heir to a baron, he is destined to become a member of the Order of Hermes.

The child suddenly stops midtrack in a recitation of a passage in "De Oratore" as he notices a different kind of look in his master's eyes. The keen concentration he so often meet in their depths is gone. Instead they radiate compassion. A compassion that slowly shifts toward a grief of sorts. He tries for a moment, but can't recall to reckognise such a worry in the master's eyes.

"Bastian, no more Cicero for today."

"The hour is late and even if you have grown you still need you sleep. Cicero will be there in the morning after you've fed old Arthurius a mouse or two."

The apprentice doesn't complain. Even if he pretends otherwise in the compagny of the wizened master he really doesn't care one bit about Cicero and rethorics and the dreadful artes liberales. His mind would already be far away if it wasn't for the strange look in his master's eyes and for the strange tone in his voice.

"But before you sleep, there are things I need to tell you young Bastian. Do you remember how I told you about the Nameless House? And how you weren't old enough to know back then? That it wasn't the time."

"why, y...ye.. yes Master, I remember", the apprentice shifts on his feet at the reading lecturn. Mentally he leaps however, because he had thought of nothing but grand magic ever since he stumbled across that book with the intriguing mistletoe illuminations. Ever since his master had berated him that this book was not one for him to study.

"Now is the time, Bastian"

"You are old enough to know that not all is as it should be. Not all is good. I know you have heard part of the tales. How that House turned against the Order. That they practiced foul and murderous sacrifices. That in their treachery many esteemed members of the Order, those that stayed the course and treasured their loyalty toward Bonisagus' visions, died by their hands."

"Ye..yes, Master, I might have he.. heard something like that."

"But that is not all there is to the story of the Namelss House, Bastion."

"Bu... but weren't they all destroyed?"

"No. At least there is no certainty. And without certainty we have to be ever ready to defend all and everything we value. This is IMPORTANT Bastion! Do NOT poke your nose when I speak of these matters!!"

"Soo... so.. r... ry Maaaa... aster! But I am not afraid at all! Not the least little bit of a mouses arse! No! Why should I be scared? I will become a mighty master of wisardry, and no one can beat a entire Order of migthy masters of wisardry!"

"SILENCE! You FOOL! Do not speak this way. Do not speak lightly nor in that tone, I warn you young master Bastian. To others you might be the son of someone important, but to me you ARE an apprentice! And trust me, the Nameless ones are still a grave threat to the Order."

"Bu... but how can that be? How will they defeat us?"

"What they will do is this. They will start by spreading confusion. Only little by little. They will test anything and they will make us wonder. They will strip us of our sanity, and then.. only then will they strike. And the wound will deep. So deep that what remains of our sanity will be bled from us. That day will be the end of us, of you and me and of the Order which Trianoma and Bonisagus so wisely founded. Insanity and Order do not exist together and they never well..."

"....b... b.... how will I know?"

"You will know Bastian; you will know! Pay heed, as it is by the little insanities that creep and worm themselves into our most treasured halls that you will know. You will know...." the master's voice trials off as if swallowed by the shadowy corners of the room.

"I...I... will... know?" stutters the apprentice. But mostly to himself.

"Goodnight Bastian, and dont let the bed Diedne bite you. And for tomorrow; feed the owl and then Cicero for company. Goodnight"


Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat...[/i]

What? Not a single reaction? :unamused:

Did you choose the name Bastion from The Neverending Story?
But it was a fun read. :smiley:

Good read Furion. Thanks!

I could think of no other response to the nature of this thread than to tell a tale of sanity and chaos.. Just to warn against the forces of 'incomprenhensibleness' :confused:

Sort of, or perhaps, I took the three names from our own saga for this little short impru. The name Bastian belongs to one of the PCs, so I do not know but he might well have taken his name from the Neverending. I have thought so myself.