Aiming & automatic hits

Greetings Magi

What do you all thnk of the rule where creo missiles hit without fail?

I,m thinking it might be a bit too powerful. Only thing that saves your ass is MR against such spells.

Crystal dart has to be aimed of course. So why one & not the other requiring aiming?

What makes a creo effect so precise ?

Toying with making all such spells to be aimed in my saga but wanted some insight



Crystal Dart and Weilding the Invisible Sling do automatically hit. In Houses of Hermes:Societates, there are guidelines for Finesse/aiming attacks.

It isn't too powerful, magi should be overpowering to mundanes without MR. Grogs are important to keep damage away from magi. Another item to consider, this game is called Ars Magica. It is primarily about magic, and game balance isn't necessary between magi/companions/grogs.

Oh shit! You,re right there about crystal dart & wielding sling

Succinctly put - game balance isn't necessary. I,m so used to looking for balance that i hadn,t considered that.

I suspect that the thought behind it was that rego mentem spells and muto/perdo corpus spells don't need to roll to hit so why are we, in comparison, making rego terram and creo ignem weak? Rather than making everything roll to hit, it makes for a more streamlined play experience to make nothing roll to hit. After we absorb this thought into our model of magic the argument comes up, "Why does a rego terram spell that throws a rock need to penetrate? We're targeting the rock." We then answer the question with - "Well you could throw a rock without needing to penetrate, but you'd need to aim it. The penetration is needed to make the targeting happen."