Alexander the Great in TMRE?

Anyone remember where this was? I can't find it now. Was he in the previous edition?

Remember? No Find? Yes:

TMRE p123 middle column, some mention that Alexander the Great neded to be reminded he wasn't a god. . p124 lower right corner, about Children of Hermes.
No idae what it is about, haven't time to read it - just a quick PDF search

I dunno if the old edition has anything, I've never read it.

In the previous edition, if I remember correctly, he was mentioned to have created numerous "Alexandrias" (taking a local wife in each) along "dragon lines" as some sort of mystical ritual. But I've opened the previous edition for several years now ...

And the old version lists Alexander the Great on pages 35 (right column, top), p60 (top left), p122 (right, middle), p159 (right middle), p160 (right bottom) - zat iz all!

The Dragon Line material from the 4th edition Mysteries made it into a sidebar in Ancient Magic, in the Hyperborean section.