Alexandros The Wanderer

This character has 10 points in flaws and 8 points in virtues...
he also has 11 point in characteristics, but even with improved characteristics he only gets 10 points

I am aware of it, and working on it.

I think he is right now, stats wise. Have to do the backstory though. Probably a rough, rural upbringing where he learnt to fight, and then off to some monastery where he was taught the letters.

Does the concept of a mendicant friar work as well in the Eastern Church as it does in the West?

There are some minor differences, but go ahead and take the social virtue.

On second thought, I think a monk or priest without benefice is better. One who has had a permanent role and abode, but who has been forced on the road for some time as penance ... this probably happened immediately after a violent incident. He may or may not be welcome to come back, but probably will not, depending on how the story unfolds.

Can he take the priest virtue/be ordained, but is he too young?

If so, I think he is ready for final approval with that one change. Alternatively, I think there is another monk-like virtue in the Church.

age 20 would certainly be old enough to be a priest.

Change made. Hopefully approvable.