All Hail Badger101

Badger101 wrote:
However, I am aware that I might be perceived as 'clogging' up the boards - so moderators feel free to tell me to lay off for a bit if that is the case.

I for one find your spells very interesting.

Thanks for your time & effort.

Same goes to all the others that contributed to Michelles calling.


blush :blush:

Must agree with William as well.
Maybe you will wake up some of the COOFs from their nascent Twilight.
(Crotchety Old Old Fart).

Let me add my voice in as well, I very much enjoy your spells. I think that any absence of responces that you are perceiving is only do to the quietness of the board and the lack of anything substanitive to criticize in your spells.

Please keep posting.

My present Ars game is either ending shortly with one last wrap up session or has ended already (if I can't get the guy who was running the primary plot to play again, in which case the game will end with a great quantity of exchanged emails exposing the secrets that everyone was holding for their part of the plot which would be sad.)

I'm planning starting a new game in April (not troop style) by having the players run their characters through twenty years of advancement then destroying all of their respective covenants and brininging them together. If I'm going to pull this off I need to have several covenants to destroy and putting big lists of lab texts into them will be a great help. The fact that your spells are comming in lists that are appropriate for the spells of a single magus is an incredible boon.

I'm overwhelmed, many thanks :smiley:

hehe ... better get on with some more spells then :wink:

Hey, I'm one of those crotchety old farts that rants about Canon interpretations and how all patches=problems. And to date, I haven't seen anything that merits a rant. :open_mouth: