AlterEgo pre-orders for TMRE & HoH:MC

just posted on the AlterEgo discussion group

needless to say, I've already ordered as soon as I could...

Heading there right now.

Edit - done.

Thanks for posting this, Neil. The Ars Magica community has been extremely supportive of Metacreator. Thank you for your business. We'll get going on The Mysteries (Revised) and Mystery Cults as soon as 50 pre-orders have been placed.

Peggy Kvam
Alter Ego Software

Pre ordered!

and here is notice pf my preorder subscription, as soon as I was aware of it. My most preferred ArM supplements are going to get Metacreator support together. Yay. :smiley:

Likewise pre-ordered. So glad to see it happening.


:sigh:, my international credit card number was stolen. I'd take a while to get a new one...


I feel your pain. Having CC security compromised is a real hassle, as having it replaced takes weeks. A reason why I always keep a couple active. The additional charge is well worth the added security, when you are traveling abroad.

Since the preorder expense isn't burdensome at all, also thanks to the nice dollar/euro exchange rate, and since I know how bad CC block is, and I really wish the preorder to succeed, I might advance another preorder on behalf of a fellow gamer, if Paypal and Alter Ego will allow it (Peggy ??). If this helps you, please check whether doing a preorder on behalf of another is feasible (I'm too busy to check, with the paper back from the referees), and then PM me (allow me a day to answer).

Thank you Wanderer, but I doubt that will be necessary - I don't think my one vote will undermine the project! I'm hoping to get the new card in time to preorder, but if not - not. :slight_smile: To my knowledge, Alter Ego currently don't provide a "gift for another" purchase, and I don't think cajoling them to add one is necessary.

Thanks again, though. :slight_smile:


Does anybody have any idea as to how many preorders have been placed so far?

We only have 3 more weeks :open_mouth:


no idea - but we can repeat the clarion call -- "get over to and pre-order the new Mysteries supplement for MetaCreator!
:unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

just posted to the MetaCreator group:

To date we've received 29 pre-orders for The Mysteries (Revised)/Mystery
Cults supplement to Metacreator's Ars Magica line. We'll take on the
project if 50 orders are received by Nov. 16; otherwise your money will
be refunded. Our interest survey showed many more want this product, so
please don't forget to place your order to ensure its development.

Thank you,

Peggy Kvam
Alter Ego Software

come on folks - turn votes into orders!

I just transferred money to my pay pal account. I should be able to purchase on Tuesday or Wednessday

Edit: - meh, I'm blind...

Still, 21 to go.. :confused:

I will come monday or so.

Still, a lot of purchases seem missing... :frowning:

I'm on vacation... well, at a wedding, but I think posting this to might be a good idea...



As suggested, I have now posted a message on

If anyone gets any updated numbers, please post them. There seems to have been much more of a buzz with the Covenants pre-order than there has been with this one.

Let's hope we can get the last 21 orders in. It would be really sad if we can't pull this off and will not bode well for development of future Ars supplements for Metacreator :frowning:


We now need 20 more preorders. Or less. (I bought one.)

Aiyiii... I'll post something on ENWorld too.


just ordered mine

I think also that for troupes out there that do want to order but haven't yet, there may be some kind of group order.

These two supplements are some of the most important for the line, I feel, and it would be a kick in the teeth for us, Atlas and AlterEgo if we didn't raise the orders we said we would.