Am I Evil?

Oh capital. All the letters are capital.


I went to a southern baptist military school when i was a kid. (Which is why I'm weird now.) We toured the publishing facility and I read every chick tract ever written. Some of them gave me nightmares.

Jack Chick makes me think of a story seed...

A wandering Dominican friar comes into the area and starts preaching to the grogs' friends and relatives about the evils of hanging out with magi. :smiling_imp:

...and he mysteriously gets struck with lightning. All the mages look very innocent. Huh. He must have angered God. :wink:

or kryptonite connects with his 'dark dungeon'...

Or he is a sincere and pious Franciscan Monk with True Faith ,
who is protected by Divine Power from the Godless Magics of arrogant magi. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds more like a member of the Witch Hammers to me.

Maybe he is a demon/diabolist in disguisse? The demon can pose as the divine when he wants to.....

However, I suspect that most fathers/mothers would not be like those of the Borgias, so I think that "would you tell your mother without problems?" is a fairly good benchmark for the regular plauyer out there to see if he is acting good or bad.

Besides, the pope was their father, not their mother. :wink:



If he is, can't he just please be errata'ed out of the game?

Of course , the Franciscan Monk i was refering to was in fact Francis of Assisi.

What is "errata'ed out?
Please forgive my ignorance, i'm new at this.

Oh yes back to the point. Is my bird bjornaer evil?
YES SHE IS! :smiling_imp:

Can't tell if you're joking or not, but after the discussion on this topic, I'd be curious to hear the logic as to your conclusion that your character is evil / Evil.

I was being serious.
She is evil because she doesn't know the difference between animals and people. Thats somewhat sociopathic for a carnivore.
She is not malicious or meanspirited but still evil by nature.
A more gentle polite sort of evil.

I wouldn't say the character is evil, but those holy and unholy effects that can perceive sin would certainly read her soul as tainted. I usually interpret evil as "in league with the Infernal," and it sounds like she's not that. But it doesn't sound like she's good, either. I imagine divine agents would be wary of her, and that infernal agents would court her, but that her fate after death is still uncertain.

What does "being evil" mean to you? Do you think she would take advantage of infernal powers if she had them? It would be interesting to see what she'd do with Chthonic Magic. I don't suppose you have access to Realms of Power: The Infernal, do you...?

I am so unprepared for a universe where the devil ACTUALLY IS waiting over your shoulder for you to spill the salt so he can move in and take advantage!

Yeah she might take advantage of infernal powers because she wouldnt see why she shouldn't. Ravens are so hedonistic.
I dont have "realms of power the infernal", but that sounds like a good thing to read.

Just a bad joke - that while people were describing him in terms of Ars I'd rather if such an idea ever popped up, that he never was introduced into the game. It doesn't work explaining a joke it probably makes even less sense... :blush:

You might want to consider Pagan as a Flaw. Page 93 , RoP:TD ; Major , Supernatural , Story.

Have you worked out a background with your ST?

You had a human life before you gained your Heartbeast.
Identifying too much with being a Raven and their attitudes ,
sounds like it could be a minor/major flaw of some kind.
Hedonism could also be a personality flaw (though not one listed in the core rules).

The Order of Hermes has strict prohibitions against dealing with demons ,
even if you had a very minimal or non-existent Christian background.
You would know that Infernal Powers have a very negative connotation.
(and it could get you killed by members of The Order)

Cthonic Magic , as mentioned previously , might be more suitable.
It covers many of the darker aspects without strictly being of the Infernal.

Even if you don't start the game with it as a virtue , one of the darker Mystery Cults may try to recruit you.
(talk to your ST about it if it interests you)

Oh she is a bit of a pagan! Thats a really good point. Thanks!

Her background, (the quick version) is that she is a descendant of the mythic raven Huninn. She was raised in the forest in near isolation by another bjornaer who is the mythic wolf Freki. They are in Odin's service. So she was well trained, since that has been her whole life, and Freki cared about her as if she were his own child, but Freki is a ravenous wolf. So BellaDonna's ideas about behavior are a little twisted.

If you or your ST does not have RoP:TD , i can type out the Pagan Flaw for you.

Oh, I'm sure he has it. Thank you so much! I'll ask him.