An effect to create a needed Lab Tool

I am working on creating an effect which will create a needed lab tool. This is not to replace all tools in the lab (already have Superior Tools and Equipment), but to get one you need which is not already in the lab. In other words, create (or change into) some oddball item you might need for an experiment without waiting on the Covenant Craftsmen since it is something you might only need once. The tool does not have to be Superior or Flawless, just sufficient for whatever odd job you need it for.

The target is around a level 40 effect. The goal is an item to increase Quality, so divisible by 20. 60 is to high for me to create without making an invested item which would at least double the Vis cost and time investment. Currently looking at using CrTe or MuTe.

If made with CrTe
Base 5 (Create Base Metal), T/C/I (Mags 2), Elaborate Shape 1, Complexity 2, MC +5, 24/day +5

This would allow the device to create a tool of brass and glass (figured limiting its materials would make it easier) to fulfill a specific need. I am estimating that the Complexity 2 would provide sufficient range, though it is possible to drop the uses per day to 1 and gain another point. It is for Tools rather than Equipment, so no astrolabes or such. Instead it would be a piece of pipe, a specifically shaped funnel, a measuring tool, or such.

If made with MuTe
Here I am slightly stumped if it would be Base 2, Base 3, or Base 4 (with Metal 2) specifically to change its shape. This would depend on if it required Not Unnatural, Slightly Unnatural, or Very Unnatural. Leaning towards Slightly Unnatural, though Not is also possible. I do not think Very would be required unless someone has a counter point why. The Unnatural is normally for adding a trait the base material would not have. Base 2 with Rego Requisite might actually be the most appropriate.

It would not require the Elaborate Shape modifier (that is specific to to CrTe) so it could possibly get up to two more points of Complexity. Additionally it can be range Personal rather than Touch and get another point of Complexity. It would still require MC and Uses @ Day. This would net a Complexity range of 3 to 5 depending on which base it had, which should be more than enough to allow it to change its shape into the needed one.

Depending on the tool you might, in theory, use ReTe to reforge your generic tool into what you need it to be at the moment, but that could require a lot of finesse.

I had not even considered a straight ReTe effect. My group does play with a HR that can reduce the time penalty for Craft magic with mags of Complexity. I would have to crunch some numbers to see what the total level of the effect would be and figure out how many mags of Complexity would be required to generate a range of "lab tools" in addition to the mags taken up by reducing the difficulty.

We would be looking at a Base 4 "Craft Metal". Complexity 3 "reduce time penalty" and Complexity 2~3 "range of lab tools". The R/D/T of T/M/I would add another 1 Mag. That would be level 30~35 without uses per day. Would it require a Mag for Great Precision?

Looks like it would be possible though it would require a Finesse roll of 9+ to use. While I like the idea I am not so sure about a lab improvement that requires a high Finesse roll to be useful. No telling how the primary SG would react to it. Shooting him a text.

EDIT: He texted back that he would most likely reduce the conversion rate of level to modifier or have it increase the Upkeep of the lab if its bonus was used (to account for wasted material).