An informal chat

"I'd say inconsequential warping is probably OK for covenfolk, however I take your point. "

"I can understand protecting our specific intentions and broad plans, but is knowing who we are harmful?" he shrugs.

"The difficulty of a mundane human mechanism is that it will be only as good as the worst days performance. Which means no protection at all. And those without Parma are fundamentally open to casual supernatural abuse. We are best served seeking to protect from those who would break the law, and the best mundane spy is still trivial to manipulate magically. "

"I'll give it more consideration and get back to you with my plans. I'll say for starting that I've already asked one of ours to investigate some other covenants. It's a start"

For a moment, Arachne looks taken aback
Well, of course it is. Every bit of information is a potential weapon. Even disregarding obvious weapons, like magical deficiencies or loved ones, if I know you've got a weakness for fine wine, I can exploit it. If I know you feel strongly about mundane interference, I can exploit it.
If I wanted to divide Andorra, I'd try to learn everything I can about its magi, and try to drive a wedge between them, or find the weakest link and try to suborn him. Look what happened with the oaf*. Now, imagine if one of our rivals had knew about his pride beforehand, and used it against us.

  • this is arachné's nickname for Vulcanus.
    And yes, she's a little paranoid.

Vocis notes Arachne's position and continues "then the only way is Mentem investigations. Otherwise you never know what you didn't ask. It will take me significant time."
"We the senior magi must also consider what we will do when a traitor is found. To be clear - we change our covenant by doing this and it is a pointless waste of resources to be forgiving..." and then watches her reaction.

Arachné raises a brow

We'll use her, of course. Why waste a perfectly useful tool by chastizing her when you can use her to feed fasle information to her master?

"I prefer to remove a known traitor. You wish to control the small informational details and also feed false information. They'll feedback to their master far more than your false stories - we can't have it both ways. "

After the meeting, having learnt Posing the Silent Question a few years ago, Vocis will start intermittently querying covenfolk. This is not so much to find any potential spy, but more to learn how it may be done and what questions might be most useful.
Intent is to construct a device to do this. Eg. What do mundanes consider secrets, traitors, have they spoken about the covenant or the magi? To whom?

Stiff-lipped for a moment, arachné almost seems ready to reply something, then renounce.
If you say so. You know your skillset better than I, and it is natural that you'd do this according to your preferences and abilities, both mystical and mundane.
Thank you for taking care of this. This is an important problem, one we can't ignore any longer.