An interesting place: The Kaiserstuhl?

We recently decided to start our campaign anew, making a fresh start. The players wanted their characters to start at an already developed covenant in the Rhine Tribunal, but I don't like any of the ones in the book good enough to place the campaign there, so I decided to create my own. I looked up an interesting place on the west side of the Rhine, a series of small, vulcanic mountains called the Kaiserstuhl (, it's on the map of the Black Forest in Rhine book).

Is this place mentioned anywhere in the 5th edition books? I've looked through it, but I can't find any mention of it anywhere except for on the map of the Black Forest, but still, it seems familiar from somewhere in Ars Magica. Anyone read anything about the Kaiserstuhl anywhere?



IIRC it's on the map from Guardians of the Forest, which is freely available on the website. It is probably mentioned in the book somewhere, but i do not own that book.

I'm pretty sure it's not mentioned in GotF, apart from appearing on the Black Forest map. I don't remember having seen it elsewhere either. Still, there is something strangely tugging at my memory about the Kaiserstuhl... I think I must have briefly researched the place during the writing of GotF with a view to possibly putting a mythic site in there - maybe that's all it is.

I ran it through the Search of my GotF PDF. Nothing... :frowning: