An offer we can't refuse...(Flambeau Council)

((In the vein of famous movie lines))

Alexei sends Helmut to the various Flambeau that Reside at Mons Electi; Jacques and Isen, and sends them a copied letter from Ariel, in case they have not received their copy. With it is a message from Alexei if they could please join him at his war room outside his Sanctum after Sunset.

The war council used to contain trophies and paraphenalia of a succesful career as a soldier and Milites. Now it holds maps of the Covenant and the Tribunal grounds, stacks of Vellum with correspondences and names of various people and groups, locked chests of vis and silver, weapon racks full. It seems it is on war footing. A dinner of deer and potatoes with a thin ale is also served and Alexei meets the invited Flambeau, leaving one additional chair open with no setting for dinner at that seat.

Isen enters the room.
Bowing slightly Sodales

Once he sees the letter, he understands what this is about
So. Yet another flambeau? Wonder what he'll be good at. But I suppose you want to discuss Lucius?


((You know, the guy who wanted to be Primus, castellan for Castra Solis and never sounded the horn when it was under attack. Pawn of House Guernicus. That guy. :smiley:))

((Oh yeah, that guy!!))

Alexei pours a cup of ale for Isen and hands it to him. "I hadn't thought of him in some time, but I suppose he must be considered as well. But of course the main is the arrival of another Flambeau, as requested by our Prima no less. Our House is already well represented at this Covenant, now we might be, dare I say over-represented? What shall the others think? That we follow the orders of the Prima over the desires of our own council within Mons Electi? These are some of my concerns. We must discuss this as well as some other topics as well perhaps."

I won't say there such a thing as over represented. Not as long as we are united. Was there ever a moment when we were at odds due to house politics? We are in this all together, magi of the order first and foremost.
If ariel and Santiago recommend this man, we should be able to trust him. Which is fine, as we need all the strength we can get. I just wonder if he's ready to find himself in the eye of the storm, so to speak.
You do, though, raise an good question about the other's reaction. To tell the truth, I hadn't seen it as this at all: to me, Our prima's word is more a moral caution than anything. She is an ally and a friend of Mons Electi, and we should consider her request as such. But I agree this can be seen in a different light. I do, however, hope that our sodales here have some trust in us, and can see the advantage we can gain with an added member.

Jacques arrives a little late. He is not dressed in his typical green and not carrying his longbow.

Apologies all. I was delayed by some book keeping.

After he sits... So, do any of you know this Roberto Rodriguez? I would say he has a very good reference.

Alexei gestures to a seat at the table when Jacques arrives. "Welcome Sodales. Roberto is who we will be discussing, among other things." he says as he pours a cup of ale for Jacques. "A good reference? Do you know Santiago? I would say Ariel is of course a good, excellent, reference. My question regarding her it one of convenience? I am not used to questioning motives, it is not my way...but with all of the different issues that have popped up, I think it only makes sense for me, for us to be more inquisitive. So, let us start with Roberto. A young magus according to the letter. And he is impressed Ariel as well as an older Flambeau, Santiago. The Flambeau of Espana do have a reputation."

Isen begins to get bored... :confused: (Italics is for thoughts)

I knew I should have brought Adeline along... She'd have loved this

I don't follow you. Do you think she wants us to keep tabs of this Roberto? Or him to spy on us? For what I know, Santiago is a man of honor and courage, so I'd trust him, but I was wrong before with Lucius, so??? Sigh... I wish Adeline was here. She'd have loved this.

"I was speaking of the Primi calling him trustworthy and having her" glances to the letter "utmost trust and confidence. Being a bit paranoid will not hurt so I would suggest not letting all of our secrets out until we have had some time with this Roberto."

Alexei nods in agreement.

"That was easy, with Ariel's recommendation I feel we are justified in welcoming Roberto, we must of course consult with the council and cleave to the charter. I suggest provisional membership offered as is proper, as the charter is written. Agreed? And after getting to know him we can by-and-by reward his loyalty with deeper membership and knowledge of our situation. I don't think he is a spy for Ariel, we all voted for Ariel, we would likely provide her with information if she merely asked. Shall we write the letter and countersign to show solidarity with her request?"

((At this point, the charter may have been adjusted, as those talks appear to be happening before Roberto joins. Just something to keep in mind.))

((Right...and I am lost as to where I'd find the parts that apply to this particular issue :frowning: ))

((It may not, just keep that in mind as those discussions go forward, that membership requirements should stay as per the original charter.))

Alexei continues. "So, we are to let Ariel and Roberto and Santiago know. Would anyone care to write the letter? From here we shall approach the rest of our Covenant with this...prospective member, and that is how we must present him, so we can show that we honour the Charter. We should be forthright that this was asked as a favour by Ariel and thus he comes highly recommended. Are we resolved then? Before you arrived Jacques I had presented a concern as to how it might be perceived that this Covenant could be over-represented by our House. Do you feel this could be an issue? If it is brought up do either of you have ideas on how we might respond?"

((I figure from here we'll move to one of the other threads or expand this one for the rest of the Covenant to get involved in the discussion.))

Agreed. As I see it, if if he trustworthy, whatever his house, he is welcome here. We need all the help we can get.
(Note how Isen avoid any mention of scribal diplomatic duties...)

((From here, Alexei will send messages out to the rest of the Magi of Mons Electi if they would like to meet in the council room the next night to discuss the visit from Roberto and cosideration for probationary membership.))

Tranquillina arrives promptly in the council room at the appointed time, nodding her greetings to Alexei and Isen. Lately, she has taken to wearing scrivener's robes when devoting attention to the covenant finances, and she does so now. Concomitantly, she appears to be two generations older than her normal self, with long and thinning gray hair; sometimes she acts like this visage is an inside joke of some sort. She bears three wax tablets and a stylus, but before the meeting commences she will place them on the table by her seat and engage Jacques in idle conversation, since they haven't spoken all that much.

"Welcome Sodalis, it is good to see you again." Alexei says and offers some wine at the table. There are some copied pieces of paper written in latin that are available and show the letter from Ariel.

Fiona arrives neither early nor late, but precisely when she meant to. She ducks her head under the lintel and greets her sodales warmly. As this is official Council business, she is dressed in her Hermetic robes (white linen, with designs of cauldrons and various types of leaves woven into the fabric).

Fiona picks up one of the letters and reads it softly, then looks at the Flambeaux. [color=blue]"Have you had the pleasure of meeting this..." She looks down at the letter and back up again. [color=blue]"Roberto Rodriguez?"