Anachronisms and Time

"If I say William the Conqueror was the king of England in 1220, he'll be the king of england in 1220! If I say he gets deposed by Elton John the following year...well, I won't, but that's beside the point!"

What sort of Anachornisms do YOU typically prefer/tolerate?

Also, I'm looking for information on when the sun sets and rises based on the location and time of year. Any help?

There's a town called Budejovice in Bohemia. It's slightly larger in our campaign than it was in real life.

Also, we skipped one minor Bohemian king in the succession.

A certain river that doesn't actually exist feeds into the Vltava River.

Our characters play games with cards, because we didn't know when we started that cards were introduced by Marco Polo a good bit later than the game is set.

So we don't like anachronisms too much.

Every Inn our traveling adventureers goes to in Mythic Europe is named the Slaughtered Lamb. It's a franchise catering to traveling adventurers. Everyone inside the Slaughtered Lamb both the help and guests look a like all across Europe. Which we haven't explained yet, But it lowers the amount of thinking we have to do when it comes to naming Inns or finding a place to sleep. "I get a room at the Slaughtered Lamb."

Does that count?

Oh yeah, my magus has a magical telescope that can see through walls and into regios. That shouldn't exist.

Concerning time, what we've always done is imagine where the characters are and then try to imagine North American latitude as we are American gamers. So if the latitude is say near Chicago, then we use Chicago time and weather. Doest make sense when you think about geography, but we don't want to think TOO much when were gaming.

MY campaign started in 1060 in England, hence much fun with William the Bastard/Conqueror kicking butt.

Anachronisms so far include Morcar's rebellion being off by a few years and the actual events of it being a bit different, that was largely a background event that the magi weren't involved in though. We tend to find stone castles rather than wooden Mott and Bailey jobs, simply because we like big stone castles more.

Our characters knowledge of geography and foreign lands is often a bit too well informed for good local boy saxons, but thats more a case of my players being cheeky.

By and large i think we stick reasonably well in period.

I have had to rearrange Hermetic history a bit though as technically the Schism war is very recently past and i wanted beyond the memory of all but the very oldest magi, so i bumped back before the turn of the millenium.