Anacletus of Tytalus

Hello guys, I am very happy to have the possibility to play in this campaign. It's my first time in a play by post game, even if I used to be a veteran of Ars Magica in past, having played as Storyguide and player many times (with Ars Magica 3rd edition mostly). Here's my first character, a magus, what do you think? can work in this campaign?

[size=150]Anacletus of Tytalus[/size]

Reputation: Necromancer +4 (local, west Provence) ("I saw him.. he commanded the dead!")

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Characteristics: Int +3 Per -1 Str 0 Sta +3 Prs 0 Com -1 Dex 0 Qik 0

Personality Traits: Bizarre +1, Reckless +3, Far +2 ("Hey, are you with me?")

Wizard’s Sigil: a bit of scent of incense?

Virtues: The Gift (0), Hermetic Magus (0), Improved Characteristics (+1), Affinity with Art Creo (+1), Affinity with Art Ignem (+1), Method Caster (+1), Major Magical Focus - Damage (+3), Mastered Spells (+1), Tough (+1), Skilled Parens (+60 abilities and +30 lvl spells, +1)

Flaws: Infamous (-1), Delusion ("pope's child" -1), Indiscreet (Int 9+ to resist -3), Poor memory (faces -1), Reckless (-1), Clumsy (-1), Incompatible Arts (InIg and CrMe -1), Weird magic (on 0 castin roll a extra weird botch, can cause effect more weird than dangerous -1)

Italian (Ligurian) 5
Latin (Hermetic usage) 4
Occitan (north\west italian regions) 3
Area Lore - Provence\Liguria (Geography) 2
Artes Liberales (Ritual Magic) 1
Athletics (Landing) 1
Awareness (Alertness) 3
Brawl (dodge) 5
Chirurgy (Binding wounds) 1
Code of Hermes (Mundane relations) 1
Concentration (Spell concentration) 3
Finesse (Speed) 1
Leadership (Intimidation) 1
Magic Theory (Inventing spells) 4
Parma Magica (Corpus) 2
Penetration (Creo) 3
Profession - Scribe (Lab Texts) 1

Creo: 9 (13) Intellego: 2 Muto: 0 Perdo: 0 Rego: 10
Animal: 0
Aquam: 0
Auram: 2
Corpus: 10
Herbam: 0
Ignem: 9 (13)
Imaginem: 1
Mentem: 1
Terram: 1
Vim: 1

Phantasm of the Human Form (CrIm 25 p.144) 16
Awaken the Slumbering Corpse (ReCo 25 p.134) 26
Seven-League Stride (ReCo 30 p.135) 26
Ball of Abysmal Flame* (CrIg 35 dam.30 p.140) 35
Pilum of Fire* (CrIg 20 dam.15 p.140) 35
Wizard’s Sidestep (ReIm 10 p.147) 17
The Call to Slumber* (ReMe 10 p.151) 19
Circling Winds of Protection* (CrAu 20 req.Re Size 9+ -3/9 p. 125) 18
Prying Eyes (InIm 5, see room from walls p.144) 9

Ball of Abysmal Flame 2 (penetration, multicast)
Pilum of Fire 2 (penetration, multicast)
The Call to Slumber 2 (multicast, quiet)
Circling Winds of Protection 1 (fast)

Dagger (Init.0-enc Att.+7 Def.+5 Dam.+3 Load 0)
Black robe
Iron ring (cosmetic)

Dodge +6

Soak +6

Anacletus (Antonius Doria of Genoa) seems a bit older than his real age because his hairs are gray, long. He is of average stature, his eyes are dark, looking near always very determined, unrest. He is a bit bizarre type, unable to keep secrets or important things as for him all is mundane and boring, enjoying more action and provocation; when he is not going to do mess around he often seems far, his mind maybe busy thinking something else, secret.
He grew as a very intellectually gifted boy in the port of Genoa but his parents had to leave city because of wars and rebellions, moving to Provence. As a very introverted and difficult child at 10 years he was spotted by his future master, who took him from his relatives to take in his covenant. The shock to be separated from his parents probably caused some mental problems to him, as the delusion he now believe to be the son of the Pope. He so strongly believe this that his Sygil reflects his delusion, when he cast spells people around can think to feel a soft scent of (church) incense.
His Gauntlet was done a bit in hurry because, after having mastered the control of fire and movement, he started experiment with undead (not necessarily for something evil..) and this interest granted him an infamous reputation in local population, around west Provence.. He (generally) has never been an evil man but some villagers spotted him animate corpses, and did a bit of scandal.. This attracted a bit too much attention also to local magi. For sake of his former Covenant he decided to leave for south, to Spain.

Might I suggest switching out your Major Focus. Take Necromancy instead of Damage.

Necromancy would be great but there are not many necromany spells, and for example no spells for attack. I cannot find them. (maybe there are some new necromany spells in supplement books?) To control a zombie it's not needed a +3 virtue, even if it's nice for atmosphere and concept. (This me like) In such case I think better I take another virtue +3.
But with magical focus on damage I have 35 as total casting in pilum of fire give me a nice way to penetrate the magic resistance of an average creature with magic might 20. (35+5 of dice - 20lvl of spell = 22 with penetration bonus). Without this virtue total drops to 26 and total penetration with dice 5 drops to 13, i think near everybody resist. Is not a problem?
I could also try an alternative mage not too much suited for combat and battles (as this Tytalus)

You vastly underestimate what you can do with necromancy and the other spells available in related arts.

I can do a more necromancy focused character, less combat oriented, and see better in-style spells (maybe from other books also) or I can keep this magus I did above and do a Fire specialist, so I would remove reputation necromancer (a but out of place) and give maybe "sorcerer", so in anycase idea is solid.
What's better for your saga? For me both are funny, let's choose together

What would be best for the saga is something you enjoy and will motivate you to keep playing. So go whichever way, as long as you will have fun with it.

I think I keep the idea of necromancer for future, when I will be a bit more expert of 5th edition and with supplements. So I have time to think and create a funny magus who could be not only a creator of zombies and ghosts.
For now more maybe it's practical I modify a bit this idea of Anacletus as I said, with another reputation and some other small touch.
Have I understood well that now Pilum of Fire and these "bolt" spells don't require aim roll of finess because they can be magically resisted? And only spells which cannot be resisted because "indirect" require "aim" roll of finesse. Right?

Not just a creator, a controller. Ghosts have all sorts of uses. Though if you're actually looking for something amusing, you might find an angle with a character that everyone thinks is a filthy necromancer (Judged Unfairly, Tainted with Evil, etc.).

Correct. There may be exceptions that I've forgotten, but that's the general rule.

Thank you for reply. I near finished another magus more necromancy oriented, then we decide what more interesting to add in the saga

Great idea!

Morannon: Unless you intend to use a wide range of arts (CrAu, CrAq, CrIg, CrTe...), MMF: Dammage is, IMO, not worth the cost. You might be better served by a minor focus in Creating Fire, which leaves you room for 2 more minor virtues, like, say, Puissant Corpus and Puissant Rego, which allow you to be a better corporeal necromancer in addition to a powerful Fire battle magus.