Ancient Magic - Hyperborean hymns


I'm not quite certain I understand specifically how a Magus may learn the Hyperborean hymns. What is required of a Magus to learn them, besides actually finding them?

Is learning the dead language, Hyperborean, the first step?

If someone could thoroughly explain the process to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hyperborean Hymns may be learned like any other Supernatural ability (Performing the Hymns, pg 103). The tricky part is finding a teacher or book to study from.

According to the sidebar on page 104 you needn't know Hyperborean to use the ability. (You must sing the hymn, but needn't be able to understand the words).

At the SGs discretion it might be possible to initiate one of the Hymns as a mystery virtue if a script was discovered. This would grant the initiate a score of 1 in the desired Hymn and he could advance it normally.

Learning supernatural abilities is covered in the core book on page 166

The Hyperborean Hymns are supernatural abilities, with all the trouble that brings for a Magus. You could integrate the Hyperborean magic as per standards rules in Ancient Magic, or you could try to find someone to initiate them as Mysteries, although it would be very difficult.