And so it begins

It has been a year since the caravan leader has passed into twilight, and the camp has started to feel a bit more semi-permanent than usual. The vote has been taken to convert the caravan into a covenant, and there is much to be done. There are no papers, no formal agreement as to how the covenant should be managed, or the rights of magi, you have pretty decent stores from the caravan itself, and a few miles away you have a ship. You also have no aura in your current location, or any means of long term prosperity.

The last of the amber sun dips beneath the terraced hills to the south. Several of the magi had been sitting vigil on this one year anniversary of the Founder's disappearance, but it is now apparent he will not be returning today. The next chance, if ever, for his return will be in full six years hence. Master Paphos approaches the gathered magi.

"Salve, honored magi." He pauses, obviously preparing to give the magi bad news. None of the magi present wanted to hear the obvious, but it still needed to be said.

"Contantinia is packing, and several covenfolk are leaving with her. She is the third this month to leave, and they have all taken their back pay out of resources vital to our continuance. I submit to you that a decision must be made, and sooner rather than later." The split between the Loyalists and the Defectors had been growing over the last year, with those convinced the Founder had entered Twilight seeking their fortune elsewhere. Now that the vigil had failed, more Defectors would leave.

""There has been much talk of founding a covenant in these hills, and in my exploring I have seen hints of abundant resources. Will there be action on that talk?"

(I am assuming that since the caravan has been here a year, most covenfolk will have at least walked around and done minor exploring. Nothing systematic, and nothing specific found, but hopefully enough to point us in the right direction? I noticed that many of the companions have Second Sight.)

Whispers intensified in the crowd after Paphos finished his speech. A magus, usually taciturn, stood up and started to address the audience. As the oranges hues illuminating the sky slowly gave place to a deep purle, and darkness was claiming the land for the night, one could see his carmine irises subtly glowing like dying embers.

  • More will leave, and as you say Paphos, it is inevitable. But I urge all of you, do not call them defectors. It is their choice and their choice only to leave and we should not scorn them. They have families to go to and friendships to renew, as well as many more marvellous place to visit. After all, one can only travel for so long before feeling the call of home. But there are those of us for whom this caravan is all they have known and its people their family or.. * he pause for a brief moment* who would have nowhere else to go.

He stopped, taking a moment to look at the assembled magi and continued:

-I agree with Paphos. The caravan might have ended the day the Founder entered his final twilight, but it need not be the end of our journey. Let this be a new beggining for all of us for wish for one. I will stay.

A young midsize magus pushes himself upright with his cane. "This caravan has done well by me. And this seems a fine place to set up. If we can find a reasoanble location for ourselves, and maybe for a hospital, I will stay."

Note that Paphos didn't actually call anyone a defector... He just thought it really loud, which might mean something in this group.

"I also intend to stay. This magnificent limestone so abundant here is a perfect medium for my art. I could craft here for years without becoming bored."

Paphos is smiling as he speaks. Clearly he is passionate about dirt and rock.

"What actions shall we take, then? I see three choices. First, we spend the time to do a systematic survey of the magic resources of the area. Second, we do a quick survey focusing on unusual geography and local tales, or third, the Redcap network might have the information we need already, available for some sort of considerations. Regardless of the outcome, we will also need to take into account relations with the mundane powers that be."

As the light of pale stars and a rising gibeous moon begins to illuminate the sky, it is possible to discern not so far from the gathered crowd servants lighting torches around the chariots and tents of the encampment.

"Ha ha master, you are quite hasty ! I suggest we speak of the matter of founding this new covenant in a fortnight, when everyone that wants to has departed. For now, may I suggest we return to camp, and spend the night feasting and remembering of all we have gone through, our friendships and those whom we lost along the years, like for our Founder. I think some would be more than happy to entertain us with their music and some of us will be able to conjure enough wine and food. I think this is long overdue ! What do you all say?"

(I think we should create a separate thread for the meeting where we plan the covenant and keep this one as an opportunity to everyone to introduce their characters.)