animal known for it's greed?

I'm running a little faerie adventure shortly that is preying on "greed" personality traits. If things go badly, I'd like one of the characters to be turned into an animal for duration moon.... but I just can't think of an animal that is/was known in legend for it's greed. Any thoughts?

The closest I've come is the magpie, but it's not quite right....


I would say magpie or raven, since both species are attracted to shiny stuff.

Wikipedia indicates Greed is sometimes represented by a frog.

Pigs and especially wolves are know for being greedy (generally with food since that's all they have), thus "pig out" and "wolf down".

Thanks for the replies.

I usually check Wikipedia before posting, and didn't this time. Thanks for checking!

Given the setting of the adventure, a frog should work nicely.


Wolverine, also known as the Glutton, qualifies. But I suspect that they are not found in Europe. :wink:


I second the pig.

According to Wikipedia,, their range includes Scandinavia and Russia.

Yep. Good source of income for our sheep farmers - who can claim compensation from the state for sheep taken by predators.