Animated wooden puppet - how?

There are two examples for animated wooden figurines I know of:

a) ToME, p. 55 (Fall and Rise)
b) LoH (Hermanus' Coeris Defenses)

In the first case it is stressed that they've been carved from a single block of wood. In the second case it has been stressed that they have multiple components to yield arcane connections.

The statues in LoH are targeted by a spell that targets Individuals, not groups. Is this possible?

I'd say yes it is legitimate because the puppet itself is an individual object, even though it is made up of more than one piece of wood.

Otherwise you will require a group target for anything made up of multiple pieces of wood: a door, a table, a chair. This would invalidate a bunch of spells in the core rulebook (Pass the Unyielding Portal, Curse of Rotted Wood).

This in the face of the base individual being 'a plant' - so you're left with a choice. For me, it feels more appropriate to treat these manufactured objects as singular individuals.

+1. I would say the same as Kid Gloves. Hermetic magic can approach a problem from a multiplicity of perspectives, and this is just one of these cases: an Individual manikin or a Group of stringed logs.

In fact, I am sure there are several tractatus on this same subject in hermetic libraries. "Individual Multiplicity", "The disjointed individual", "the measuring genius of God", "One blade, a thousand wounds", "Targeting the target"... and a couple of other lame names like those I posted here :mrgreen: :unamused:


"Woven cloth consists of a great many strands, themselves each spun from multiple parts.
Yet a tunic is a single garment."

so, yeah, Kid Gloves hits it right on the head.

I am working on a Animated wooden corpse to wizards.
The body is a Puppet of Size +2/+5 (still being an object to enchant, like a boat) and parts of +2 in size of iron.
The effects and mechanism are based upon the Exchange the of two minds, and the Openning of the Intangilble tunnel; one Rego Mind requisite Herbam (base 20, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, the itemmaitain it) put the mind inside the object, that is animated to a Rego Herbam Terram (Base 5, +2 Sun, constant) Spell to give it movement and on Intellego Imaginem to give senses, like a Creo Imaginem to give it voice. The Rego Vim object maintain the connection beetween the user and the item.
The proccess is that the user touch the body, and the mind inside begins to move the object, and the Rego Vim maintain the way to use some magic easily and the way to maintain the contact. And on this way user can break the effect.
Yes, i admit that is based upon Mazinger Z.
My question is...
A Base general effect to create the Conduit is the level +5 Mangitudes, by duration the objective itl will be on effective Touch range. Would it work a +1 Touch (the user touch the object), + 2 Sun; and a Constant effect and some penetration to grant effectiveness. I will ad one effect to release the objective. How many level do caould pass? One base effect +10?