Another Craft Magic question

Hi everyone...
I was reading again Craft Magic and Lesser craft Magic and i have a doubt, can you only use one Craft or Profession Ability to create something? The Hermetic Inclination for Maestros says that only one Performances or Artis, and i am not sure about Touched by a Realm from C&G.
Soon i'll write one hedgie with some line about this powers...

For Craft Magic, the description in societates page 131 states "This Virtue has four applications, each described below. All of these rely upon the character's skill with a particular craft"

I added the italics - the crucial part is "particular" - I take this to mean one craft, as the usual definitions of particular would suggest. If the authors intended use with multiple crafts, they would probably have used a phrase like "with any relevant crafts" or "with their tradition's craft(s)" rather than "with a particular craft".

Ok, thanks, it's a few more difficult to see that others, i guess that the Touched by [Realm] works on the same way, i can't see any phrase like those on her description.
Another thing, can somebody use one Craftsman Manual to no hermetic enchanted Items like the [Lesser] Craft Virtue or to make Wondrous Items?

I've always read it as "the craft that matches the use" as opposed to a single craft, but you may be right.

I can't remember how I'd read it. Had it been "the particular," I would agree with the interpretation of it only working with one. But as it is I could not distinguish without an example or clarification. Tugdual's interpretation of that sentence alone is equally valid.


Thanks by all your answers.
And... about the Craft Manuals? Are they possible with this Virtues?