Anulus Connectens: Magi of Hermes Covenant

Janus finds Rego useful and may study it more. Vim is unlikely to progress much more.

My character will have Rego as it is essential to a lot of the spells he wants to cast. Vim is of minimal importance. I can take it as a starting spell, so maybe I do it for the first 15 years and someone takes over later?

My character should be ready tomorrow, I am now free over Christmas.

Doable. After the first 15 years, Bausas should have penetration around 8-9 + dice roll I think. Sufficient for everyone?
Or do I need to focus more or Vim first?

I'm willing to have Andreva pick it at some point in years 16-30 as well.

I'm thinking of 12 rego, 7 vim, 2 penetration, artes liberales 2, philosophae 4 (with specialization), and 2 levels of spell mastery including penetration mastery would be doable by year 30 without too much trouble. How does that compare to your plan?

Tellus and I have a tendency to emphasize the point 'Aegis must Penetrate' so we often use the MuVi "Day of Communion" (a D:Sun Wizard's Communion") to cast the Aegis together.
Janus has not bothered inventing the 'communion but in year 16-30 he could easily do so.
How big Communion and Aegis are we talking about?

I was planning on getting the ReVi scores anyway, no lower than 9 (each) after the first 15 years. With penetration (Vim) 3 and AL & Philosophiae of 2 each (no relevant specialties), that gives me a penetration of 9 before the diceroll around year 13. It will go higher, but more slowly after that I suspect. I don't see a problem with more of us having it as a known spell.

Beautiful. Mind if I ask what the other mastery is? I've always had trouble finding interesting masteries for Rituals.

I was thinking of multi casting or fast casting... but only for humor. I was planning on adaptive casting, it is for general level spells where you can use your spell masteries for one version of the spell with any version. But now looking it up I see that it is cult of mercury only I don't know if I can justify it. Perhaps imperturbable.

Adaptable makes sense, and in a home game I would've happily approved.
In this context, perhaps not.

Thinking of masteries, I printed out the Spell Mastery list (compiled from HoH:TL and TMRE and HoH:S, done as a 2-page list) but can't find my copy.

If you're a member of the Cult of Mercury, or have been taught spell mastery by one (so it's possible a Mercere could get mentored by a member of the Cult) you can learn Stalwart Casting (helps with fatigue)or lab mastery (add spell mastery to similar spell bonus when researching in the lab). These are great for ritual spells. Otherwise you'd be looking at taking Still casting so you can still perform the ritual if some disease or injury paralyses your limbs just before the winter solstice.

Magic Resistance mastery for Aegis makes sense.
(in fact, that's pretty cool :smiling_imp: )

Here is a list of mastery options

Tellus, you're using a level 20 spell for your penetration computations? Is that already locked in for some reason? (It seems like a wise choice but I don't see where it would have come from.)

Er... I am. By default really.
But also because when you can't get penetration above 20 reliably for the level 20 version, you probably won't enjoy using any higher level versions.
Yes, I know there are a lot a uses for the Aegis that doesn't need penetration, but even so.

... yeah, mostly by default, really.

OK no problem. I'm also in the camp that says being able to keep out might 30 creatures if and only if they have a MR of less than 10 may not be worth that extra two pawns of vis and increased botch chance.

This is true, and rather does all but eliminate the penetration problem.

So is it reasonable in the 30-45 year period that the characters can between the four of them work to acquire a level 30 aegis and 60 effective levels of wizard's communion for rituals (D: Sun). I guess that might be 3 level 30 "communions"?

That might take a lot of time away from other pursuits. Getting to the point of level 30 spells would take a few seasons.

Let's see.
We thow away the first 10 levels of each "communion", due to D: Sun.
The sum of the remaining levels, must meet or exceed twice the level of the spell to be cast: (30-10)*3 = 60, which is twice level 30.
That would work. The level 30 Aegis would then be cast (and have penetration calculated) as if it was level 10, which should be doable.

Certainly. Is it something we would like to make a priority? We should be able to aquire a lab-text I'd assume.

EDIT: Bausas could invent a level 30 Day of Communion during the first 15 years, but then the last 2 years I have to work with are gone.

No!! did you see my post mentioned the third period.

I'm still saving a season or three from Andreva's first period to develop something in exchange for a longevity ritual from Bausas.

I did. But since I was looking at the first 15 years, I thought I would mention it. 3rd period is still a while off.

Magical heating? Seriously, ask nicely and promise not to be a terrible person just might do that.
Oh, and you'd be expected to assist him in the lab, ofcourse.

Janus has already taken care of magical heating. I looked through the lab chapter and thought about what Andreva could do and saw that she could without too much trouble give your lab superior construction and or spotless. Then I saw that Janus had already done those as well.

Andreva could provide a pallet for a lab feature contributing to a specialization in creo or corpus
she could do a pretty killer statue for a greater or lesser laboratory feature with corpus (She cold also do a grave or a cage but those don't seem Bausus' style)
she could craft an antechamber for a spells specialization.

She could craft an enchanted device to make any of those above things appear or disappear as needed, giving Bausas the lab feature but making it a free virtue and thus not take up extra seasons to integrate it in to his lab.

Alternately if she really pushed her lab schedule and she had a lab text she could learn "The Laboratory of Bonisagus" which is a ninth magnitude ritual to give a lab Flawless Equipment and Flawless Tools, (and Spotless) but, without upkeep, these things will fade.

and she could, in addition, promise to be virtuous, say please with sincerity, and of course add her MT +int to the total as a lab assistant.

For all of us? Excellent!

Any of these would be awesome!
The antechamber perhaps slightly less so, but only slightly.
I also need a Labyrinth at some point.

Even better!

Much less interesting to be honest.

It's a deal then!
Magic Theory 5, Int +3, correct? That should give a Labtotal of 51, for a hefty +11 to aging. Very nice.

At some point around year 20 Janus would like Basuas to invent Longevity for Janus. His help in the lab would amount to +15 or so, including Inventive Genius.
And if course Janus pays with his assistance for another project or will make some device for Basuas.