Anulus Connectens: Magi of Hermes Covenant

Not bad ideas. Thank you!

EDIT: Jason's suggestion has already given me a few ideas.
I'm going to assume that our planned boat qualify as a single, simple Structure, no modifier for Size necessary?
If you'd like to oppose this assumption, please note your opposition ASAP :slight_smile:

A baseline Structure is up to 10 connected rooms each of up to 400 sqft or able to hold 100 people each. Now unless we intend for the ship to have more than 10 separate sections or rooms I don't see a problem about unmodified Structure. I don't envision a large number of individual cabins. None of the individual rooms - not even the cargo hold - should be larger than 400 sqft. And even if, the ship could just have two separated holds.

I'm thinking about some specific enchantments Janus can do. Now, we're not doing a magical ship but rather a very good but still mundane ship which is improved by enchantments. So all devices need to be at least R:Touch...well one could make a magical sail...But this way the devices can be dismantled and moved to another ship if the first one is destroyed or we build another type of ship, or a larger one. Granted a larger ship may wreck havock with some enchantments' Size, so not likely then.

The hull of the ship:
I was thinking of something to make the hull durable, but a constant effect Warps the ship, so rather an effect to repair stress and damage like Ranulf from MoH's talisman staff, an effect like Shadow of spring times departed Cr(Mu)He Base 3. This effect - when actively turned on - repairs damage, bringing the piece of wood back to its original state, but not growing naturally with leaves, roots etc.

Ranulf's effect has D:Sun (for +2 mags) so each sunrise/-set ther eis still damage seen the effect is activated again. This device notes that grave damage can take months to repair.

As for Target Janus could go for T:Ind but how many size magnitudes to add for a ship? The PeHe spell Curse of the Rotten Wood is T:Group and has +1 Size and can affect a house or a small inn, but it this spell unoptimized (inoptimized?) or can the wooden components here not be viewed as an Individual? So can a ship? IMHO an object or structure made of several components of the same material can be an Individual if they are clearly put together and now form a distinct object. So a pile of wooden beams, no. But the same beams crafted into a bridge, yes.

A base Individual for Herbam is " a plant roughly one place in each direction" which makes sense for living plants. Ir represents smaller branches and leaves etc. and not just a tree trunk. A very generous interpretation of this for for wood usable for buildings things would be 1 cubic pace, but for purposes of balance probably significantly less. Is 0,5 cubic pace a realistic number?

Instead of affecting the entire ship, how about getting fresh and designing the device with T:Part and then +1 Size? So it can affect a damaged area of wood (on the hull, masts, superstructure or whatever) up to a volume of 5 cubic paces. Going metric here and assuming 1 pace= 1 meter (and rounding oft to simplify) then a wooden beam 30 cm (1 foot) in diameter and 70 m long is the upper limit for the object to be affected - if I get my math correct.

So now I have Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Part, +1 Size = 20. Penetration is not important, but uses per day needs to be improved. +5 levels give 25 uses per day and that should be enough. Final effect Cr(Mu)He 25
As for physcial object I haven't been through the entire S&M catalogue but something wooden has a nice bonus to 'affect dead wood' and perhaps some sort of woodworking tool?
Janus' lab total including Familiar excluding S&M and with no apprentices is 56. Theoretical maximum S&M is equal to his effective Magic Theory of 12, but likely much less is used. His Herbam is only 8 so he might hit the books a bit before embarking on the ship project especially if he is going to build more than one Herbam device.
Seeing as he should easily reach a Lab Total of 60 he might as well enhance Duration from Sun to Moon to make it a round level 30, it won't cost any more vis and the crew does not need to active the device twice daily on each piece of damaged wood.

I like that it isn't constant. It can keep the ship in good shape for a very long time and it won't except in unusual circumstances warp it.

Well, you would know this effect because of its origins.
Warping should be quite unlikely, unless the same part of the ship breaks repeatedly over a year, or for such massive damage that the effect needs to be active for half the time.

I think maybe my design postings should be in Janus' thread rather than this one. I don't know what I was thinking :S

A couple of suggestions for a/the ship that I don't think have been covered by the various and sundry ship projects in the books.

  1. The focus seems to be on sailing ships/making ships go with sails - what about something for oars, like a Drum of the Hortator?

  2. We've had the armillary sphere for astronomers, but no enchanted astrolabe yet for navigation.

I just did a wand that moves the oars in response to your post. I had earlier done a device - the Dish of Location ( that should be good for navigation even if it doesn't work in a way that hte sailors are used to.

In fact, I should collect the enchanted devices that the ship has in this post so that they're all together:

Saorise' has developed several spells for the vessel but not done any devices. I did not list them here.

Janus' contribution to the ship, devices are also listed in the thread about Janus:

Lesser Devices:

This last device has already been listed in Erik's post, but this one is a bit more complete

I'm having difficulty thinking of ship-related effects you haven't come up with. Is there anything you can think of that Hector would contribute well, or shall 61-75 be about him getting more leadership and profession:sailor to effectively utilise ships better as a long-lived character?

Can he use rego to allow the ship to act as a submarine?
How about move other ships out of our ship's way?
more information gathering for the ship and the crew (weather, other ships, conditions in ports, prices in ports)?
Can we look at stuff on the sea floor? (can we retrieve it?)
Control of sea creatures?
Desalination of sea water so it can be consumed?
How about an effect that cleans the ship?
Something with the rigging? control or creation of new ropes.
rego craft to fix ropes and sails?

Some ideas -

  1. Fouling of the hull can be a huge problem for wooden ships, both in terms of damage to the wood and loss of speed. Something to prevent/remedy that would be useful and Perdo isn't Andreva's strong suit.
  2. Some craft magic items might be useful. Instant rope splicing/net mending or sail repair if it hasn't already been done.
  3. Fire extinguisher type items would be a good idea as well (and can also be Perdo based).
  4. Perhaps something to reduce the permeability of the sails, so they better grab the wind?
  5. An item with a Concentration duration effect that helps turn & move the ship in the water. Primarily used to prevent the ship from being taken aback and ending up "in irons" when tacking across the wind.

What is the boat's purpose? Is it purely a trading/transport vessel or is it more multi-role?

Another idea; A rego spell to have the boat sit higher in the water and thereby be able to navigate further up rivers and into shallower waters.

A Creo Corpus spell to prevent sea-sickness, or at higher level, preventing scurvy and other debilitating diseases.
I am considering CrCo since everything related to Healing is using this combination of Tech+Form. I am not sure if a ReCo Ward against Diseases would be applicable.

"Sigil of shallow draft" - ReHe base 3 control an amount of wood +1 touch range +3 duration moon +3 target structure total ReHe30 - the wizard draws a sigil on the side of a ship, much like a lower case f. The ship touched will sit in the water with the waterline touching the level of the base of the sigil, no matter how heavily laden it is.

(visually, it's like a loading mark on a ship except instead of reflecting the safe load level it magically enforces the level the ship sits in the water at).

For spells to control sea creatures - how big are we looking at? Size +4 to include Orcas and small sharks? (so 1 extra modifier) Size +9 for humpback whales? (so 3 extra modifiers includes all sea creatures common to the northwest atlantic)
Eg "direct the marine predator" ReAn base 2 plant a single suggestion in the mind of an animal, +3 sight, +2sun duration, +2 size modifier (up to size +7) for ReAn 25. This spell plants the suggestion in an aggressive creature of what it should go attack. This spell will direct a creature as large as a big shark or moderate size whale to chase a particular target until the next sunrise/sunset.

I like them. Both of them and a lot.
Nice work Darkwing

For drinking water - I could control clouds to rain and catch it on deck, but that involves having rainclouds at sea when you might want to avoid that.
Referencing the topic (which is about turning seawater into salt for sale), let's turn it around and have a spell that turns water into vapour, leaving the salt behind, and you catch the vapour.
ReAq 3 turns water into steam. Adding a terram requisite as ReTe can be used to move the salt or hold it in place. ReAq(Te) Base 3, +1 touch range, +1 duration concentration, +1 terram requisite - total 10. This will turn a pot of salt water into water vapour and leave the solid salt behind, if you catch the vapour in a separate pot, when you end concentration it condenses back into water.

Shouldn't Rego Aquam be able to separate fresh water from salt water?
Or PeTe to destroy the salt?

So, is Hector doing a fresh water device? And which method is the best or right one?

Anyway, Janus' year +61-75 is done all his time ha been spent.
What is the status of the rest of the magi.

Bausas has about 2.5 years to spend left in that periode.
But I was planning to reserve time for making Longevity rituals for everyone, and lost track of whether to do so in this 15-year periode or wait for the next one.

Andreva has one more spell then I'll write a few words on her apprentice and, the wizard war, do her aging rolls and update the character sheets.