Any news?

The Atlas website hasn't been updated with new Ars Magica news for quite some time. Any official word on when the next release will be? Or what it will be for that matter? :slight_smile:



John is busy.

The next release will be:

The Lion and the Lily
The Ars Magica Sourcebook of the Normandy Tribunal

In much of Mythic Europe, magi build covenants in remote wildernesses to avoid contact with mundanes. In northern France — the Normandy Tribunal — this is all but impossible. The wildernesses have been tamed and plowed under, the Church plants monasteries in the wastes, noble lords build castles to enforce their rule, and great cities grow up where once was nothing but fen. The magi of the Order of Hermes have adapted to living closely with mundane society in Normandy, even distributing their limited magical resources by way of contests modeled on the chivalric tournaments of the nobility.

But while magic is under pressure in Normandy, it is far from dead. Ancient megaliths stud the landscape, faeries control many forests, and caves and burial mounds hide relics of the past. Demons and monsters imprisoned in ages past by saints and sorcerers stir uneasily in their confinement, and magi wield potent and spectacular magic throughout the land.

The Lion and the Lily provides full details for the Normandy Tribunal, where magi must balance the demands of the nobility, cities, Church, and Tribunal.

Authors: Timothy Ferguson, Richard Love, Christian Jensen Romer, Mark Shirley, Andrew Smith, Paul Tevis, Sheila Thomas
Stock Number: AG0286
ISBN: 1-58978-100-7
MSRP: $29.95 (US)
Format: 144 pages, hardcover


Excellent! Thanks for the info! :smiley:


Just a little late for my birthday :laughing:

Thank you very much :smiley:

David, recently, it's been 4 releases per year. An October release date suggests this has changed. Is this a one-off or should we expect a slower rate from now on?

As John Nephew explained in another thread:

he's a bit busy at the moment, which is holding up the production process. The 40 Years of GenCon book he mentioned there is done now, so things should start moving along again. I expect this to be a one-off.

Thanks for reminding me of that. I was just suffering withdrawal symptoms from my quarterly fix.

Cheers for the info! Will be looking forward to seeing the line at full speed ahead - but also lots of luck to John wih his other important project!