Anything Particularly Wrong with These Familiar HRs?

True, but he never did get around to it.
Same players has talked a fair bit about binding a certain wyvern as a familiar, but it's not happened yet.
Which reminds me, I should finish stating it out one of these days.

I would say than Faeries need Faeric magic , Divine are imposible and Infernal are very plausible without special things.
The bieng n3ed a beast with one link with magic, and the more interesting is the Power, I can't imagine one without Might Score one easily. The dragon kin or other monster are limited by his size, but if could be possible, without problem.

One question, i made one easy way to get Magical animals from 50 CrAn(Vi), making one Dragon egg instead one adult being, i undersized but compensted because he would need care and Vis to grow his ssiz and break the egg well.
For that, and any young animal besast... the familiar binding is possible? The anima, would stop to grow just like one plant when it's opened to enchantment?