Aphrodites Belt

If you were going to get a skilled verditius magi to try and replicate this artefact what effects would you want them to instill in it ?
I am having a mental blank on what sort of effects I would want put in it

MuIm to make the person more attractive. If they have the ability to infuse it with presence based magic then a ReMe effect based on that...

The Bjornear mystery initiation of sensory targets looked good but I can't think of a way to replicate them without that mystery

Even if you had the mystery, Sensory Magic can't be put into items (HoH:MC p28)

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This is a range from faerie magic, it would certainly have to use some kind of research or initiation to use.

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Personally I would go for MuIm (Something in the vein of Aura of Ennobled Presence) to make the wearer more alluring, plus a Mentem effect for the "inspire love" part with an InMe linked trigger so that the item activates itself whenever the wearer looks at someone they want to fall in love with them.

As for what the "love" effect would be exactly there's a few options using different guidelines:

  • MuMe 4 could alter the target's faculty of estimation so that they experience joy and desire when observing the wearer of the belt. Magic can't create true love, but true lust is another matter... this could also be done with ReMe 5/10 (5 if they would already be attracted to the wearer, 10 otherwise)
  • A step further with MuMe 15 could also increase the influence of the faculty of estimation so that the target's mind is clouded by this supernatural desire.
  • Alternatively the same MuMe 4 guideline could completely alter the target's faculty of common sense so that they actually perceive the wearer of the belt to be the person they desire the most.
  • Probably the most comprehensive is using ReMe 20 to force the target's cognitive faculty to have a goal to pursue the wearer of the belt. Pretty much giving them a magically enforced order to "pursue the wearer of the belt as if you were in love with them". That has risk of backfire though, as unless the target would be naturally inclined to be attracted to the target they won't actually feel anything for them - they'll just act the way someone motivated by real feelings would, for the duration.

One or more of the above at moon duration is maybe about as close as hermetic magic can get to inspiring actual love. The hope would be that after a moon or two under those effects that the target would actually fall in love with the wearer - but maybe not!

A much simpler version (in terms of the spells involved) but which requires a breakthrough/novel effect is having the item temporarily grant the virtue Venus' Blessing. But that requires some original research or integration from Learned Magicians or Gruagachan or some other tradition with magic that can grant virtues with spells.

potentially CrMe to improve presence

Thanks for all the suggestions