Apotropaic and Prallicians Guidelines: Commun use for Vim?

it is a simple question, the Apotropaic Guidlines sirve for No infernal Spirits?
The Pralician us of Rego Vil of sustain or supres a spell of spell Level + 2 magnitudes or less is general or only of this tradition.
Thanks, and the second thing negate the guideline equivalent in the Core Rules.

forget the second sentence, I sow that the guidline in Core Rules works on all type of spells, but the guidlines of Prallycian work for type. Clear for my the difference betwen levels now. But acclarations for the first thing will be welcoming.

Yes, apotropaic spells can be created for all four realms. If you have "Guardians of the Forest" Phillipus Niger (page 59) has apotropaic spells that affect Faerie and Magic creatures. The spell must, however, be designed specifically for the realm targetted so Demon's Eternal Oblivion would not be effective against Evil Faeries for example.

Thank you Gremlin44, that was a doubt. Then, the guideline to create Arcane Connections with CreoVim are very usefull for some theurgic and Spiritual specialist... And is curious the Muto Vim to become one a spirit with something material.