Appeal for translators!


It's that time of year again when I try and make the website as accessible as possible. Last year we were able to offer it in Spanish, French and German. The actual convention is held in English (or as much Hermetic Latin as anyone cares to use :wink: ) but we welcome non-English language games. So do you speak a language other than English or American English, and are you willing to spend a few minutes translating our a bloc of text? If you are please shout, or pm me directly!

And of course we hope to see you in August in Cheltenham - the website is and we can be found on Facebook too by searching for Grand Tribunal page

CJ x

I'd offer to do the danish version, but surely you can do that yourself?

Je propose mes services pour une traduction française.
I offer my services for a French translation.

Thanks chaps!

Tellus jeg forstår ikke Dansk. I left when I was 6: I am good at chatting up Danish girls cos they are rendered helpless by laughing at my childish nonsense as I speak as an infant! Actually I don't speak at all - I'm too embarrassed. So if you would that would be wonderful!

Ezechiel 357 that would be great! We have a French page from last year where I have changed the dates, but it really needs checking through. If it is OK then I would like to translate sone of the travel and accommodation notes and add them! :slight_smile: I don't think it would take very long.

Please look at to see what needswork. I hope we will have an even more multi-lingual event than usual this year.

CJ x

I'd be happy to translate into Hebrew. I don't know how relevant that would be, however; I suspect the number of people who play Ars Magica and speak Hebrew is about the same as the number that play Ars Magica and speak Medieval Latin.... If you do want a translation into Hebrew, give me a shout.


I'd love a translation in to Hebrew! I failed Hebrew at uni (I was doing theology and biblical studies) but I do know one Ars player who speaks it so there are at least two of you!

As they say in Israel,

עברית שפה קשה

(Hebrew is a difficult language). :slight_smile:

I translated the main page to Hebrew (see website), but can't get the wiki to display it from right to left. Which partly defeats the purpose...

I will edit the texts with the changes for this year soon CJ.

Yair does it not accept RTL unicode? I will get to checking it out in the morning there must be a fix! Sorry the software is the same Wikipedia runs on so I will find out how to do it!

Ezechiel357 excellent job thank you so much. You missed one thing - you need to add your name to Doogy and the ManfromOuterSpace as translator and maintainer of the French language page


Oh and you need to come join us at Grand Tribunal

I don't know hot to put in RTL unicode; I just wrote in Hebrew, and then found I couldn't reverse the page to be RTL. I tried some markup I found, but to no avail. :frowning:

Oh god, it's like reading American manga...

If you need help with the spanish translation, let me know. :slight_smile: