Apprentice start dates

I would think so, but only at R: Personal. The problem would then be that the MuVi spell to let you use it on someone else would be just as hard to develop in other Arts and might well end up being a ritual itself.

The toughest one in my mind is if it applies to your own longevity ritual. Is that a transformation? Considering it can work by "by directly affecting the tissues of the magus’s body," it would seem this is self-transformation, so long as only done on yourself.

Smart move.

It should. We usually abbreviate that as mMF, though, to distinguish between mMF (minor) and MMF (major).

ON the longevity ritual, I think that's enough of it's own thing, i.e. it's not a particular spell but a special ritual that is unique to each magus, that it would always be its own magical focus.

also yeah, I'm going to mess up the Magical Focus abbreviation a lot, I'll try to avoid it as much as humanly possible.

Also on the note of why he doesn't have a longevity ritual: With unaging it's not super important that he have a longevity ritual just yet, unless Andros rolls terribly for aging he shouldn't have any problem delaying a longevity ritual for an extra few years.

Andros has set up 1130 Spring to find his apprentice, he has the appropriate spells to locate such a worthy with little problem, and has a good Lab Total to Open the Arts even if the Gifted lad/lass has some Supernatural abilities.

raccoonmask, do you wish Neleus to enter the game in 1130 as a Flambeau pupil? Andros is a superlative teacher (12 Teaching 1-1, +2 Com, +5 Good Teacher, +9 Teaching 1-1, who will likely have a higher total when actually teaching Arts and MT). He can teach only 2 Virtues of limited use (Secondary Insight and mmF self-Transformation), but the Flambeau House Virtue Puissant Perdo is there for the taking after 10 years. Andros is Reckless, and would chance Opening the Arts of Neleus with the Faerie materials in his Lab (which actually would maybe explain Neleus's Harmless and Unnatural Magic). So speak up and be counted! 8)

If not, Andros will find his student, I will create base stats, and after 15 years of education/slavery will leave as an NPC for another Covenant.

I'm quite happy to have Andros pick up Neleos on his adventures. I think the two have personalities that do NOT mesh at all, but also don't oppose each other really. I think the two will be a lot of fun to have together. I did rather deliberately give him both a faerie connection and a perdo affinity, meaning he'd be a good Flambeau or Merinita both. I look forwards to seeing what Andros does with a sulky nocturnal child with great potential.

Excellent! Andros will issue commands, and Neleos will sulkily ignore them!
"Get up at the crack of dawn to train, you sluggard!"
"No, I won't! I want to watch the ocean waves by the moonlight ! Leave me alone!"
"You will learn to wield a weapon, you will attend the Magic Theory classes, and by gum, you will become a proper Flambeau!"
"Maybe I'll go train with Iapetus, he was a better teacher than you will ever be!"
"Chiiiiild!!! i for the recalcitrant apprentice[/i] We now begin! Gird yourself!
"I hate you!"

After hearing a few stories of how the Tytalus give their apprentices proper motivation, Andros will never hear Neleos want to go back.
"You will learn to wield a weapon like a proper Flambeau!"
"Well, at least I don't have to go to Magic Theory classes wearing a dessicated moose head half the week."