There was a post in the (I think it was House Rules thread?) saying that you got 1 xp/season in the local language, up to level 4. Has that rule not been adopted? It's no biggie if it hasn't.

It was proposed by Renimar, but no one else discussed it, and I didn't put it into the HR thread.

The local language is Magyar.

Got it. I must have missed that the post wasn't by you.

I wanted the players to discuss possible HRs, and I didn't want to let my opinion about the HR to nip any of the proposals in the bud. I have a fairly conservative take on the rules as written, and when I come down with an opinion it can be strong, but if someone proposed something, I wanted to let the players sort out whether they wanted something in particular. So in that proposal thread, things were up for discussion (stuff regarding the teaching being the exception, because, well, duh).

It would all depend on how much the students are dealing with the locals. Being in Transylvania, at a Tremere sponsored oppidum, all the grogs will speak Latin. The Tremere have this thing about that so all oppidum business will be done in Latin ( if they have anything to say about it). Now how much exposure would one get to the local language based on that would be up to discussion.

Imric also needs to give up a season of Latin year, as Babette did.

I'll adjust

I take it that for regular people who don't need special treatment it doesn't take a whole season to open the Arts.

Those apprentices without Supernatural Virtues open their Arts individually, as they learn them.

I thought I had it in the house rules, that if you cast a spell without one of the Arts being opened, you have a -3 penalty to trying to get the casting score. I can't find where I've done that, but I remember writing it, so it might be in my notes so I need to add it or make it clearer if I have put it somewhere.

Ah, I see. They get it done organically over the course of time. We have to get it done all at once to make sure we don't lose our supernatural abilities.

And teachers should advance to when? Fall of 1270? (I only have Fiona advanced through Winter 1269. Should I advance her two seasons to get her to Fall?

Yeah. I think I said this elsewhere. I'm a bit more scatterbrained about this saga than I was with Bibracte. Seems like I have little bits of things all over the place.

Do the apprentices do/get anything for Summer 1271 (after the prep classes but before school proper starts, as near as I can tell)?

So, I spent a lot of time thinking about this, I think I'm going to revise this moving forward, as the apprentices evolve.

For the summer after the Latin year, apprentices can only take practice in something, barring that, exposure in one of their existing skills. They can't really do anything magical, yet, so finesse and penetration are out. Concentration is OK, though.

Not counting Ambrose, of course, who can do magic already. :wink:

I thought I mentioned this before. Can't seem to find it, and it's not in the HRs, so I do need to put it there.

If the Arts involved aren't opened, you can do it, you just have a -3 for each Art.

What is the formula for adding virtues? I know the SQ must be 15 for minor and 21 for major. What I can't find is what the teachers generate each term. We should also list the virtues that are more easily taught because the teachers have them.

First post in thread. I'll see about adding it to HR thread when I have a moment.

I've been looking around and can't find it yet even though I know I saw something recently about it.

Julius will be looking to add a MMF ( metal) and affinity Terram. Neither of which any teacher has. He may add Inventive genius which at least one teacher has ( Fabrica ).

I could definitely find use for him in the lab then.

Regarding that crown concept, what is the consensus? Does it subtract 10 from the casting totals? and would we want it? We might need more of it, but once designed, anyone should be able to make it as a lesser device with the lab text. Maybe each teacher could have their own to showcase their style as well as their sigil. Ironically, with Fabricus' sigil, the wearer would look more haughty and intimidating while wearing it.

I also suggest that while wearing it they should be treated as a jester and need to go about entertaining others in the covenant in order to beg for food or go hungry that night.