"Apt Student" and Metacreator problem

Reading the rules it seem clear that the virtue Apt Student apply only when someone teach to you.
Using metacreator (last release) to study summae it ad the +5 bonus alogside the book learner bonus for a total of +8 to the study total!

is it an error of the program or, more unlikely, i misinterpreted the rulebook?

You are correct, and if MetaCreator is indeed doing this (it is possible you made an error using the program...) then it is wrong:

Apt Student applies "When taught by someone else" (Training or Teaching) and Book Learner adds +3 to a book's effective Quality when you study from a book.

not an error of myne, this is a tipical result of a study summa command:
[i]Experience point gained
Ignem: 20 experience gained through summa.

Score increased from 1 to 6.
Study total: 20 = Quality 12 + book quality bonus (3) + study bonus (0) + learning bonus (5) [/i]

book quality bonus = book learner
learning bonus = apt student

I have both the virtues but in theory they do not overlap.

Does anyone know if they ever got a patch fix for this?

You can ask them (and report the bug if it hasn't already) on the metacreator Yahoo! group. They regularly put out patches, which you can get via the updater.

ah - 'fraid not.
Actually you are wrong and the program is right:

Book Learner - when studying from books treat them as if they were 3 Quality higher

Apt Student - when being taught by someone else, add 5 to your Advancement Total

You have mis-read this, and failed to note the division: Book Learner applies if and only if you study from a Book (not when being Taught, Trained, Practicing or using Exposure)
Apt Student applies if and only if another character uses Teaching or Training to teach your student.

Apt Student does not apply when you read a book.

Apt Student still gives a bonus when studying from a book in 3.9.7, so I reported the bug.

Umm, he was quoting the metacreator. So he is not wrong or right in that statement. The program is wrong that it does add +5 when reading a summa.

I noticed the same thing in the creator. Another bug that drives me crazy is the ability/age limit... if you increase an ability above your age limit, the program drops it back down despite the character being "established" and not subject to age limits in thier abilities as a starting character would be...