Arcane Connection Podcast Goes to Hibernia

Over the next few podcasts I will hopefully be interviewing the other Hibernia authors, but in today's podcast Kevin and I discuss our thoughts on the new Tribunal book. Arcane Connection is a free podcast about Ars Magica, and as per usual we apologize for the sound quality which in this episode sounds like the frantic attempts of a tone deaf newt sumo wrestler to do a cover of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music in a bowl of tapioca. In short, much as always. (Someone charitably commented they had heard better sound quality recordings from public toilet cubicles. I did not ask them what they were doing recording therein..) Anyway, enough of the apologies -- here is Arcane Connection episode 11. ... 7_09-07_00

If you have missed any episodes of AC and for some reason regret this luck, well the complete listing is on Project Redcap here -- ... podcast%29

cj x

Thanks for doing that. A delightful way to pass Sunday breakfast.

One thing that comes through, from just the detail that you raised during that podcast, is that all the Tribunal books could easily be double their current sizes. There is so much history, detail, and commentary that we could do that in raw page count we could go on and on, and for all its small size Hibernia is no different.

Looking forward to the next podcast.

Delighted to see Arcane Connection back with a brand new episode. Also, from the sound of your book-fight, it sounds as though the UK mail people managed to locate your complimentary authors' copies?

Anyway, you both did a good job covering "The Contested Isle", I for one can hardly wait for the next podcast!

I just listened to the flambeau one, since I am waiting to read the contested island before listening to the podcast. Well done in all the issues so far!