Arcane connection query


I think I am right in saying that one hair is not enough to be considered an arcane connection to all but the most generous SG, and that a ‘lock’ is considered to good for an arcane connection.

Traditional ‘locks’ are taken in one snip, but is it valid to build up a lock over time? IE: Say a ‘lock’ is 30 hairs, if the odd hair of a person is collected over a number of years and until you have 30 hairs, can these 30 hairs then be considered a ‘lock’ for the purpose of arcane connection, or must a lock be collected all in one go?

Thoughts? Comments?



The RAW (page 84) state that a single strand of hair is indeed a valid AC which actually lasts "months". No lock should be necessary.

What BoXer says: one hair will do fine.
A lot of hairs put together does not make a lock. You really need to take a big part of somebody before the arcane connection becomes better.

By the time you have collected "30 hairs over a number of years" most of them will be expired again. In general it doesn't help to have multiple acrane connections, only the strongest one counts.