Arcane Connections -- Two Ways?

Yes, but it wouldn't last very long in my saga. Perhaps in the Hours or Days category.

That's a more difficult one. One toe has acquired nothing from the other, they've probably never been in contact! Each toe has acquired properties of MarioCerame, but the right toe has no affinity for the left toe. So, probably not.

Having said that, if it was dramatically necessary for my saga, I'd possibly allow it, with a duration of Hours. I never let theory get in the way of a good story!


He probably went to City College with Peter Parker, noted for his degree in Science. :wink:

That, or Miskatonic U. (Go 'Pods!) :laughing:

:open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Best joke of the day :laughing:

Altho', I recall a classmate, split Philosophy/Chemistry Major, doing his undergrad thesis on Alchemy. Truth!

I didn't thought such a thing were possible. This is so... What did he intend to become? An alchemist???

Fantasy writer?

As I recall, the thesis spanned the two disciplines, and pursued different approaches to the nature and categorization of matter, partially from a historical but more from a modern perspective. For one, he re-presented the periodic table based on progressions other than atomic weight, and discussed the implications thereof. (I've seen that once, and you get some ~very~ interesting patterns ("trends") of elements when you base it off of other criteria.)

That is, basically, the thesis presented alternatives to the standard Metals/Nonmetals, the Metalloids, Alkali metals, Alkaline earth metals, Transition elements, Halogens, Noble gases and so forth, and raised questions about assumptions and generally perceived patterns, the blindly accepted paradigm that stifles creativity. I think he used some recent "breakthroughs" to show, after the fact, that a different view may have led to the same conclusions earlier.

When you don't have metals and non-metals, what DO you have?

Bright guy. He went into Chemistry and research, iirc. (No money in Philosophy!) :wink: