Arcane connections

I've been thinking about this off and on fer awhile but can't convince myself one way or another...

Can you trace arcane connections to you?

eg: my paranoid diabolist is afraid of anyone getting connections to him, he wants to "scry out" any arcane connections to himself that he doesn't know about so he can then lower the durration that they last, removing any potential weaknesses.

If he can locate a connection would he need to be touching it to destroy it, or do arcane connections work in both directions? can he just cast a perdo vim spell on himself to remove the connection?

Most arcane connections should be one-way. There are some exceptions like your talisman or your familiar and whatever your SG think is appropriate for the story. But look at it this way: you are significant from the point of view of a lock of your hair, but a lock of your hair is not significant from your point of you.

And it's more interesting that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

The 4th ed. Wizard Grimoire included at least two versions of spells to detect arcane connection. One of them played a crucial role in one of our sessions (prior to 5th ed) so I had to later "translate" it to 5th ed. Whether these spells will reapper and be within 5th ed. "dogma" I can't tell. But basically they are very high-level spells that can make you see the "threads" from you to the Arcane Connection. You could not cast magic through them and you would have to follow the threads to get to the other end. No specific sense of location besides the direction. The threads were easier to see if they were used (someone in the other end actively using the connection to you - not a reasuring thought!) and thus the magnitude a little lower, but still quite high.

In our story it came into play bc the characters realised something rotten was afoot in the covenant. One of the last puzzles was when they found that some had been accesing this spell in the library, as well as some other spells, which made it clear that something was about to go down. In this case it was a talented apprentice, close to his gauntlet and incredible self-confident, that stole several of the covenants finest books and its vis and made off, but only after meticulously removing any possible arcane connection to himself he would otherwise leave behind. Burning papers, sheets and the barn in the nearby village where he had rolled in the hay with the local baker's daughter.

All in all - such a spell is quite nifty, but would surely breed as much paranoia as it is supposed to quell. The diabolist might feel more at ease - but what would his surroundings think if they see him constantly making sure to remove any trace of his passing... Did I by the way fail to mention that the traitorous apprentice was, and still is, a diabolist.... :smiling_imp: